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This is very bad news for iPhone lover in the US, iPhone might be Banned in the US

iPhone 8
This is very bad news for iPhone lover in the US, iPhone might be Banned in the US
Qualcomm, in a smartphone chip licensing spat with Apple, will reportedly ask a U.S. government agency to ban the import of iPhones into the country.

Qualcomm plans to ask the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban imports of iPhones, which are built in Asia, according to a Bloomberg Technology report. The news report cited an unnamed person familiar with Qualcomm's strategy.

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A Qualcomm spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the news report.

Apple has recently been using SoCs for its iPhone models from both companies – Intel and Qualcomm. However, even if the iPhone unit houses an Intel chipset, Apple still needs to pay the royalty fee to Qualcomm for the use of its wireless technologies for each unit of iPhone sold. Apple claims that Qualcomm is demanding more royalty fees which they feel is unfair and has now sought a compensation of $1 billion in its lawsuit.

Apple’s and Qualcomm’s Fight Could Mean No iPhone 8

As for the history of what is apparently an increasingly acrimonious dispute. It centers around Apple’s decision to stop paying Qualcomm a licensing fee for the use of its patents. The latter can charge a fee, which amounts to a percentage of the cost of each handset Apple sells. It doesn’t matter if the company uses Qualcomm‘s chips inside those handsets, patent law allows it to charge.

However, Apple is now refusing to pay, which means Qualcomm is losing billions of Dollars. As such, the company is out of pocket and could take things a step further by seeking to have an import ban imposed on the iPhone 8 and other iPhone’s in the US.

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In a recent report by Bloomberg, an anonymous source, who claimed to be familiar with Qualcomm’s thinking told the publication. It’s confirmed the chip maker is now seeking to ask the International Trade Commission to impose an import ban.

iPhone 8 and 7s Troubles

How quickly could an import ban happen? If Qualcomm has its way, it would be this year prior to any September iPhone 8 or 7s release. Could this be the reason for WWDC rumors suggesting the next iPhone could appear there? We don’t know, but, that would certainly put a dent in the chip maker’s plans.
However, if Qualcomm gets its way, Apple’s and it US fans hopes of seeing a 10th-anniversary device launch may have to be put on hold. After, all, we couldn’t see the company launching such a device elsewhere and forgoing its home market. As for further ramifications, such an import ban could mean less stock of current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is available. Even the iPhone SE could be affected, meaning, the popular handsets could be almost impossible to find in the USA.

In a recent statement over the ongoing fight with Qualcomm, Apple boss Tim Cook said


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