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7 hidden features of iOS 11 which will change your iPhone and iPad

iOS 11
7 hidden features of iOS 11 which will change your iPhone and iPad
When Apple launches the latest version of iOS they showcase some highlighted features of the OS and leaving many hidden ones. That leaves tons of other new features that fly under the radar for users to find out on their own. For iOS 11, these hidden features include some pretty useful tools, such as a one-handed keyboard mode, a new way to interact with Siri, and even screen recording.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 such hidden features that are available in iOS 11 for its users.

QR Code scanner

Users of iOS devices have to download often poorly-made third-party apps in order to read any QR codes, such as those used in membership programs at lunch spots. Apple's own Camera app will now feature its own QR-code scanner.

A one-handed keyboard

As the owner of a Plus-sized iPhone, I'm typically typing with both thumbs, which isn't convenient. The new one-handed typing keyboard in iOS 11 can be found by holding down on the emoji key and selecting it from the menu.

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Dark mode (almost) has arrived

iOS has always offered a darker display mode, where it inverts colors. Unfortunately, that effect also warped photos, giving your eyes the sensation of a bad acid trip. A new Smart Invert setting (found in Settings by tapping on General, then Accessibility, then Display Accommodations and then Invert Colors) does this one better, turning light backgrounds dark, but not touching images and icons.

Siri: Now you can type as well as talk

We hope Apple will make Siri a more attentive listener that doesn't misunderstand us, but we're not holding our breath.

So we're pleasantly surprised to see a Type to Siri functionality introduced in iOS 11. The feature will also be helpful if you're in a quiet space and can't talk.

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Screen recordings

While the average person may not need to record a phone screen, I'm giddy that iOS 11 features a built-in screen recorder.

Activated from the Control Center, the feature will allow you to create videos of how you interact with your phone. It may let me teach far-away relatives how to use their phones, and it will make possible more video tutorials here on Tom's Guide. Also, as you can see, the control center widgets can be customized, so you're not stuck with stuff you don't need, such as the calculator icon.

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Faster screenshot markup

Snap a screenshot in iOS 11 by pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously, and a thumbnail of your shot now appears briefly in the lower left corner of your iPhone's display. Tap on that thumbnail and you'll be taken into an editor where you can draw on the screenshot with a virtual pen, marker or pencil. Other options include a magnifier plus the ability to add either text or a signature. When you're done, you either save your marked-up screenshot to the camera roll or share it via Mail, Message or other apps.

Create watch faces with ease

iOS share sheets allow you to copy images, use them as wallpaper and share them over AirPlay or with other apps. A newly added tool in iOS 11 also lets you create a watch face for the Apple Watch. Tap on the Create Watch Face option, and select the photo you want. You'll have the option of either displaying that image as a regular photo or in a kaleidoscope view. You can choose up to 10 custom photos when creating a watch face.

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