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Major leak confirms the design of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 with no home button
Major leak confirms the design of iPhone 8
As we are inching towards to the most anticipated smartphone launch of the year, the iPhone 8. The rumors are also picking up momentum. The device is expected to be revealed in September as per the standard launch schedule of Apple, and the latest clues for iPhone 8 detectives to pore over are a couple of leaked photos showing the front and the back of Apple's upcoming handset.

The recent addition to this list is a set of images published by @OnLeaks, who has an excellent track on smartphone leaks as of now. Just to highlight, @OnLeaks has an excellent track on smartphone leaks as of now.

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Firstly, here’s what the two leaked photos reveal. The iPhone 8 will certainly come without a home button, which means that the fingerprint reader will be moved elsewhere on the body, mostly under the display.

Below are the findings from the leaked image of iPhone 8.

Bezel-less design

As you probably already know, one of the biggest rumors that have been doing the rounds is of a bezel-free design. Apple is apparently chasing this dream along with Samsung and LG. However, reducing the bezel on the left, right, top and bottom have implications. Obviously, an iPhone 8 dummy doesn’t represent what Apple may have managed to create; instead, it could be a design hope. Having said that, with the sheer number of leaks all showing what looks like an iPhone 8 dummy that’s nearly bezel-free, the consensus is now that the Cupertino-based outfit has managed to do it. But as we said, that has implications.

Vertically-aligned dual-lens camera

On the back, there is a vertically-aligned dual-lens camera, which we firmly believe will happen. After all, the dual-lens setup on the iPhone 7 Plus was a hit, so why would Apple scrap it now?

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 8 in September, with a launch date in either October or November. As always, there’s no way to know for certain when the launch will happen. But there’s no reason to expect a late announcement, although a late launch, however, is likely due to supplier problems.

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However, one should note that however strong the leak is, it is still a leak, hence one should take this information with a pinch of salt.

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