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New leaks confirm design and one of the greatest features of iPhone 8

iPhone 8
New leaks confirm design and one of the greatest features of iPhone 8
There's been a truckload of back-and-forth recently on the subject of the iPhone 8, everything has been tinged with uncertainty, but in particular its release date and its design. Will it have a curved OLED or not? Will it arrive in September or October? Or will it be delayed until 2018?

But now a batch of images has leaked online allegedly showing the final design, which, if true, would confirm a number of key features previously rumored.

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The images come via the Twitter account of 3D designer Benjamin Geskin, who recently posted similar images of the forthcoming 10.5inch iPad Pro. Just as with this prior leak, the new iPhone 8 images are CAD designs apparently handed to Geskin by case makers.

The computer-assisted design (CAD) drawings show a dual camera system with one camera on top of the other and a flash between the two.

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There does not appear to be a dual selfie camera on the front, which has previously been speculated.On the back, there is a round shaped ring which looks like it could have been a fingerprint sensor. Mr. Geskin suggests this could be where the Apple logo will be.

The designs, released ahead of the annual developer's conference in California next week, also show dual speakers at the bottom edge with a Lightning port in the middle. Slashleaks also leaked images of the iPhone 8 in flip cases a few days previously.

The Touch ID button is notably absent from both the front and rear of the display model, following speculation that Apple has worked out a way to embed the technology into the device's screen. The rear features a silver oval area which could house the dual-lens 3D camera thought to be a new headline feature of the iPhone 8.

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As with the iPhone 7, the schematics seem to show that the iPhone 8 will also not include a headphone socket. The eagerly anticipated 10th-anniversary edition of iPhone, rumored to be called Edition, is expected in September.

But recent rumors have cast doubt on this time frame. An analyst from Deutsche Bank has released a research note that stated the Cupertino company will not launch its 10th-anniversary smartphone in 2017. The note has pointed at 'key component shortages and technical challenges' as the culprits behind a major delay.

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