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10 hidden essential features of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and ipad
10 hidden essential features of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad 
iOS is full of features and they offer great things to their users to help in their day to day life. But today in this article we are bringing you the 10 hidden essential features of iOS 10 which will make your day easy with your devices.


You can ask Mail in iOS to tell you when a new message comes through in a key conversation. Just tap the flag icon and choose “Notify Me...” in the options that appear.
Use Mail’s mailboxes

There are numerous Mailbox views you can set up in Mail that make it easier to find what you need. Review those available in Mailbox>Edit. Enable those you want to use by ticking the circle beside their name; tap Done and they will appear.

Draft control

To save an email you are working on as a draft to finish later, just tap the message subject line at the top of the window and swipe your finger down until the subject appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it again to open it and finish the mail. You can have multiple messages in draft status. To access them all tap and hold the Compose icon to see them in list view.

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Make your iPhone’s torch flash when a call or notification comes through in Settings>General>Accessibility, toggle LED Flash for Alerts to on.

Clickety-click — shut up!!

You type the keyboard clicks. You may not mind, but someone else might. Sort it out: Settings>Sounds>Keyboard Clicks, toggle to off.

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Low Power Mode

Maximize battery life by manually switching to Low Power Mode. You lose some background features but gain much better battery life. Enable this in Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode.

Fickle Fingers

Improve Touch ID finger recognition by registering the same fingerprint two or more times in Settings>Touch ID & Passcode. (Add cold and damp versions for even better accuracy.)


Press and hold any URL in any app to see a preview. Swipe up for four useful tools: Open in Background (without leaving your current app), Add to Reading List, Copy and the Share pane.

Triple Tabs tips

Lots of open tabs, but can’t find the one you need?Turn your iPhone to landscape view and tap the Tabs button at the lower right. At the top left in the next view, there’s a search bar to explore the pages and their contents.
Make a PDF almost anywhere

To make a PDF from many iOS apps, tap Share and choose Print. In the subsequent Printer Options screen, you will see an image of what you want to print. Use two fingers to expand the image and you’ll enter a preview mode with its own Share button. Now you have a usable PDF.

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