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10 hidden iPhone tricks which Apple never talked about

10 hidden iPhone tricks which Apple never talked about
All though Apple has launched the new version of iOS, iOS 11. But I still feel that iOS 10 was one of the biggest ever iOS upgrade. iOS 10 is packed so full of features at this point that it’s impossible to remember them all. The engineers and designers responsible for creating the iPhone and Apple’s iOS 10 software can’t even remember them all.

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Today, we’ve got a fresh new batch of hidden iPhone tricks for you and we guarantee two things: first, you will definitely learn something new from today’s list even if you’re an iPhone expert. And second, you’ll find some fantastic hidden tricks on this list and use at least a few of them all the time.

The tricks on today’s list all revolve around 3D Touch, a flagship feature Apple introduced with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus last year, and also included on this year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a very nifty feature that lets the iPhone respond differently to touches depending on how much force is used, but there’s a downside: There’s absolutely no indication of where 3D Touch works and doesn’t work in iOS, which is why posts like this one are so useful.

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With that, here are some hidden 3D Touch features you should definitely check out:

  • Press firmly on Apple’s iOS keyboard to turn it into a trackpad that controls the cursor
  • Press firmly on the left edge of the screen and swipe toward the center to open the app switcher UI
  • Many people know the trick above, but did you know you don’t have to swipe at all? Just press more firmly and the app switcher will pop open
  • Press firmly on any folder containing apps with unread notifications and you’ll see a menu with shortcuts to the specific apps with notifications
  • Press firmly on the App Store icon for a shortcut to update all apps with available updates
  • Press firmly on the Calendar app icon for a widget that shows you your schedule for the day
  • Press firmly on the Phone app icon for a widget that shows your first four favorite contacts
  • Press firmly on the Weather app icon for a widget that shows current conditions and the day’s forecast
  • Press firmly on the Maps app icon for a widget of your upcoming destinations
  • Press firmly on the “X” in Notification Center for an option to clear all notifications

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