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13 unknown features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

 iOS 11
13 unknown features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11
Apple has launched the much-awaited update of iOS 11 last month but didn't announce every single feature added to iOS 11 at its big event at WWDC. That's OK and understandable as the event has a time limit and everything’s cannot be covered in that timeframe. No worries we have gathered the list of new features that Apple didn't tell you about iOS 11 on the launch.

Slight tweaks to Messages

A new iMessage app drawer, syncing of Messages via iCloud, and a couple of screen effects have been added to the app. Here's the Messages rundown.

Text with Siri

It's not always possible to have a voice conversation with Siri. While it was added as an accessibility feature, the ability to type to Siri is useful for everyone. 

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Keep your location private

With iOS 11, you now have the control of just how often an app can access your location information regardless of what options the developer has added to the app. You'll be prompted the first time you launch an app that always tracks you, and presented with an option to change its permissions.

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Forget your Wi-Fi's password

The next time a friend wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network, you can approve the request directly on your iOS 11 device without having to remember or hand over the password. It's slick. 

Make Control Center your own

The three-panel Control Center from iOS 10 is gone. With iOS 11 you can add or remove shortcuts you don't use, along with a few hidden Control Center features you're sure to love.

AirPods get smarter

Instead of the lone option to activate Siri with a double-tap on either AirPod earbud, starting with iOS 11, you can control the specific function each AirPod will take.

Free up storage space

Storage space on a mobile device is always at a premium, especially if you're using a 16GB phone. Apple is making iOS smart enough to proactively get rid of unused apps, and providing tips to free up space with a tap.

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Stay safe while driving

Your iPhone can now tell when you're in a car, and in turn, it will automatically enable a new feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving. Any incoming text alerts will be stopped, keeping your eyes on the road.

Go dark

There's a new dark mode hidden in the Settings app for iOS users. It's not designed for daily use, but it can come in handy in dark environments. Here's what you need to know.

Live Photos get lively

Creating a quick animation out of a Live Photo is now possible with a couple of taps. The end result is fun, if not impressive.

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Screenshots on steroids

A new screenshot tool in iOS 11 makes it easy to capture what's on your screen, edit, crop or add your signature and then share it and delete it. It's awesome-sauce.

But screenshots are so 2016

With a quick tap of a button, you can now record your iOS device's screen. This is particularly handy for creating how-to guides perhaps you want to show off how to beat the last level of Monument Valley 2. What are you waiting for? Set it up.

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