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6 features of iPhone 8 which will make Apple fans jump with joy

iPhone 8
6 features of iPhone 8 which will make Apple fans jump with joy
iPhone 8 is currently a couple of months away from the reality, as per the Apple launch schedule. But the device has already taken all the main headlines for different reasons.

Keeping aside all the leaks, today we are going to talk about the 6 features of iPhone will bring all the joys to Apple fans. Much of them are most awaited features of iPhone for long. 

An indestructible screen

This would help justify spending that much on a phone that you are going to drop on the pavement anyway.

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Earphone jack

Bringing back the 3.5mm jack is still being echoed in the halls of iPhone users who are yet to adapt to Air Pods. "Put the AUX Jack back in," tells me one slightly stressed area iPhone user realizing the futility of that dream. "And perhaps dinner, movie, and massage. Is that asking too much from a phone?"

Wireless charging

This might become a reality with the iPhone 8, but inductive charging is already rumored to be delayed. Also, it will be sold separately. Lame.

Waterproof instead of water-resistant

The iPhone 8 is actually rumored to carry an IP68 rating for waterproofing and dust resistance, but we'll see if that holds true.

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True 4K video filming

Along with the rumored 14MP camera, there is a possibility that the iPhone 8 will have full 4K video capabilities as well as 3D filming.

Separate user accounts

If you are a parent, then your kid has most likely played with your phone and screwed with your text messages. "I'd like to see user accounts that are triggered by a fifingerprintr facial scan," one area parent of way too many kids tell me while scraping toddler poop from the ceiling, "like it should know my kid and only show her 4 apps."

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