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6 features of iPhone 8 which will make it a world class device

iPhone 8
6 features of iPhone 8 which will make it a world class device
Apple is all set to launch their 10th edition iPhone and Smartphone lovers have lots of hopes from the upcoming device. Even the rumors and leaks suggest that this year Apple is all set to redefine the iPhone design and include some of the great features which are expected in device for long.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about 6 iPhone 8 features that are going to make an iPhone 8 a world class device.

OLED Screens

Apple looks to have signaled its intention to ditch the power-hungry LCD screens in favor of OLED screens. Samsung has been doing it for a little while now, and many reports have sighted that Apple is ready for the same. Next is the rumored glass screen.

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Glass Design

Reports suggest that the key Apply supplier Foxconn is already in the process of making an all glass design for some time. It could be a wraparound but it most likely to be a slim bezel, bezel less display. Which means the screen size could grow without increasing the phones footprints.

Introduction of Iris Scanner

It will also be using an Iris scanner to unlock the phone, which could also record the biometric data of the user if a successful patent granted in early 2016 is evidence of this.

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Bezel less and bigger screen size  

If the bezel less display is to be believed, a rumor of a 5.8-inch screen seems credible. But with the successful sales of the SE series, it is likely there will be a variant available with small screen size. It is worth noting that the largest screen Apple has produces yet is the 5.5-inch screen in the iPhone 6 and 7 plus models.

Powerful new chipset

There haven’t been any significant spec rumors, but one can expect an A11 or A11 fusion chip to be infused. A step up from the A used in the 7 and 7 Plus. Along with this one may also see an improvement in the camera, including a rumored 3D camera.

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Wireless Charging

Apple's AirPods were just the first move in the company's quest to rid the world of wires. Several sources, including Bloomberg, have reported that Apple is currently testing wireless charging tech and that it could very likely appear in the next iPhone. Even better, the cutting-edge tech would allow devices to be recharged from far away even from across a room. Perhaps your rat's nest of white charging cables can be repurposed into an avant-garde centerpiece?

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