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6 hidden features of iPhone to bring more productivity

6 hidden features of iPhone to bring more productivity 
iPhone is one of the coolest devices for business professionals after Blackberry iPhone is all most ultimate replacement device. The device is full of great features and is cable of doing many things. But some time work needs more attention and time and at that time we want our device to be more efficient.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 features of iPhone which will help you get more productivity from yourself.

Do Not Disturb

When you’ve got to focus on a project, why not use your iPhone’s built-in Do Not Disturb feature? This will silence calls, alerts, and notifications while your device is locked. You can even choose to accept calls from named contacts.

To turn it on, just swipe up the screen to get to Control Center and tap the quarter moon icon. Open Settings>Do Not Disturb to decide who to Allow Calls From — just set up a short list of people you need to talk to no matter what.

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Swift charging

When you have only a few moments to charge up your iPhone—you might be about to set off for a meeting or catch a flight—your device will recharge a whole lot faster if you switch it to AirPlane Mode before you connect it to power. Sure, you won’t receive calls on your device, but this is the best way to maximize the power you gather in the few minutes you have available.

Turn it down

This tip is designed to help you get the more usable time out of your iPhone once you have powered it up. If you think your device is in danger of running out on you during the day, you should switch it to Low Power Mode while you have plenty of power left. You don’t have to wait until your iPhone offers to put itself into this mode. Just toggle it to active (shown by a yellow battery in the status bar) in Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode.

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While in Low Power Mode, your iPhone will stop doing things such as fetch email automatically, listen out for Hey Siri and run background app refresh, but it will remain completely usable. 

Be silent

The single most annoying thing in any productive environment is the sound of the keyboard being tapped around you. If you are in a meeting, you may not want to make such a racket even while you know you should send a memo immediately before you forget.

If you use an iPhone, Apple has helpfully made it so you get keyboard sounds while you type on the device. It doesn’t need to be this way, you can silence them in Settings>Sounds>Keyboard Clicks, toggle to off. Now you can type silently, even during a meeting.

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Keyboard wizard

Now that you are typing silently, you may want to learn a couple of useful keyboard tips. To capitalize letters you can tap Shift on a per letter basis, but that’s pretty tiresome if you want to CAPITALIZE whole words. The quick way to do this? Double tap Shift to activate Caps Lock. Another tip: When typing, force touch any character to see alternate characters mapped to that keyboard item. More tips here.

Receptionist Manage your calls

Your iPhone can manage incoming calls for you. When you receive a call you can’t deal with, you can ignore it. But you’re better off taking a look at the content of the display and using the options you may have missed there. Just tap the Remind Me or Message icons to send an automatic response to the caller (you decide what in the next screen), or to set a reminder to call them back. You can even create your own messages to use when responding to people in Settings>Phone>Respond With Text.

Notify Me email feature

Another great feature for knowledge workers, Notify Me is a Mail item that will make sure you are alerted when someone responds to an important Mail correspondence thread.

When someone does respond, you’ll receive a Notification to let you know they did. This can make a huge difference if you are working on a time-limited collaborative team project.

To make this happen, just tap the flag icon in the Mail message thread and ask iOS to ‘Notify Me’ when new messages come through on that thread.

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