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6 truly amazing things that you can do with your iPhone

6 truly amazing things that you can do with your iPhone
iPhone is one of the master piece technology has given to the world, which made our life more effective and powerful. Many of us use our iPhone for the daily work like getting emails, phone calls, messages, Social Media and much more.

But then also we are not able to take out the maximum capabilities of iPhone. Other than regular works, there are tons of other things that you can do with iPhone on daily basis to make your day more interesting and full of funs.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 truly amazing things that you can do with your iPhone.

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Find out what song is playing

Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana can tell you what song is playing, instantly – bringing up details on the artist and track title. Just hold down the Search button and say: “What’s playing right now?” and Cortana should bring up the information.

Read out news stories to you

If you’re trying to multitask, you can make Siri read out web pages and emails to you with a simple finger swipe. You’ll need to head to the accessibility menu (Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech), and then enable Speak Screen and Speak Selection. Then just swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers, and Siri will read out whatever’s on the page.

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Put that annoying person’s calls to voicemail

Android’s Contacts app has some handy features when it comes to dealing with contacts you don’t much like. The best of these is the option to send all of a person’s calls to voicemail. Simply open contacts, select the annoying person in question, then select Edit Contact. Tap the three dots in the top right corner for the menu – then you’ll see a box saying, “All calls to voicemail”.

Let your friends track you

An option in iPhone lets you “share” your location with friends, tracking you as you move – and it can be a lifesaver if you’re trying to meet up with friends at a big public event such as a festival. To activate it, launch Messages and tap on the conversation you’re in, then tap Details and Share My Location – selecting a duration for which friends will be able to see where you are.

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Find out where a plane overhead is going

If you’ve ever looked up from outside your house and wondered where a plane is flying to, Apple offers a way to find out. A hidden iPhone function lets you find out what planes are directly overhead – even if they’re behind the clouds. Just say to Siri, “Planes overhead,” and you’ll see a table of planes near your current location.

Respond to a tilt of your head

A rather bizarre hidden option lets you control iPhone by tilting your head in front of the device’s camera – activating functions such as Siri voice control. To do it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Then tap Switch Control, enable it, then tap on Switches, Camera, Head Movement. Then select what you want to happen – and presto, you can fool your friends into thinking you have magic powers.

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