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8 Cool features of iOS 11 for iPhone that you should know about

iOS 11
8 Cool features of iOS 11 for iPhone that you should know about
Apple has launched iOS 11 last month and new OS is full of new features and updates on iOS 10. List of new features are huge and will bring some drastic changes in your day to day usage of iPhone.

But in this article, we have brought you the list of 8 such features which will help you make your day easy with your iPhone.

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Redesigned App Store

Of all the native apps present on the iPhone, App Store has received the biggest changes. Since its launch about nine years ago, App Store has remained more or less the same in iOS. This year, App Store is totally revamped in iOS 11, even the icon has been updated. When you launch the App Store, you will be greeted by a Today screen which will consist of featured apps and new launches. Not only that, you will also see tips n tricks for different apps which will up updated on a daily basis.

Also, games and apps have their own separate tabs making it easier for you to navigate the App Store. Each page will start with featured apps, followed by new apps. It will even have a dedicated card for showing apps and games from top indie developers. Apple has included these features to make it easier for us to discover new apps. You will fall in love the new look and feel of the App Store. This can be one of the major reasons you should upgrade to iOS 11.

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Files App

Apple has been known to keep a tight leash on its users when it comes to accessing your files on iOS. This is about to change with the launch of iOS 11. iOS 11 comes with a new pre-installed app aptly named Files. The app shares the same icon as that of folders in the macOS. Files will allow users to link their different cloud storages such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive, allowing users to access all their files in one place. You can also see the files present on the phone’s storage and quickly copy and move files anywhere in the app. This is one of the most awaited upgrades inside the iOS and I am happy that it’s finally here.

Camera and Photos Updates

The Camera and Photos apps have also received some improvements, however, most of them are internal. Now, the photos you take will be saved with High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) instead of JPEG. This allows the photo sizes to be a lot smaller without affecting its quality. Also, the videos will now be natively coded in the HVEC codec, which allows up to 2x compression without any quality degradation.

The Photos app will now come with new filters for live photos. You will now also be able to edit and trim the live photos. You will also be able to keyframe inside the live photo. Also, while watching memories, if you rotate the phone, it will automatically adjust the video to optimize the viewing for that orientation.

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Improvements in Apple Maps

Apple Maps will now include indoor maps for malls and airports. Users will be able to see which shops are on which level and will be able to navigate inside an airport or a mall using the indoor guidance. The new update will also bring lane assist, allowing users to stay in the right lane and never miss a turn or an exit. It will also use various connectivity options such as WiFi or Bluetooth and enhanced systems such as Doppler effects to determine if you are driving and will automatically activate “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can also set auto-replies and auto-send messages to your favorite contacts to let them know you are driving.

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Screen Recording

With iOS 11 comes the ability to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad natively. There’s a quick toggle inside the control center which will allow you to record your screen without the help of third-party apps.

Screenshot Markups

iOS 11 adds new animations and functions to Screenshots. When you take a screenshot, it will live in the bottom left corner of your device for a few seconds as a tiny window. You can tap on the window to launch the markups page, where you can quickly annotate on your screenshot before saving it.

One-handed Keyboard

Apple has included the ability to activate one-sided keyboard for easy one handed usage, which should come handy on larger phones like the iPhone 7 Plus. Just long press on the globe icon to reveal the orientation setting and select the one you want to. You can displace the keyboard both to the left and to the right.

Offload Unused Apps

Inside the storage page in the Settings app in iOS 11, there’s an option to allow automatically uninstalls of apps which have not been used in a defined time frame. This can be really useful if you have a lower storage variant iPhone. The good thing is that nothing will happen to your app specific data. The data will remain available to you as soon as you reinstall the app.

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