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8 really cool features those are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

iOS 11
8 really cool features those are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11
This autumn lots of things in your iPhone and iPad is going to change and the main reason for that will be the new and updated version of iOS, iOS 11. Yes, Apple has recently launched the newest version of their mobile OS.

iOS 11 is set to be one of the biggest and best updates to Apple’s mobile OS yet. As highlighted by Apple some of the top features are enhanced Siri, AR, and Much more.

To make you more excited about the new iOS version today we have brought you the 8 most existing features of iOS 11.  

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Keyboard shortcuts

Apple is changing the keyboard so that numbers, punctuation, and symbols are all accessible from the main keyboard screen with a flick.

Currently, you have to tap between several different keyboards, which is slow and tiresome. Having everything in one place will make spotting the key you’re looking for easier, and accessing it a lot faster.

This might sound like a small update, but if you do much typing on your iPad and haven’t invested in a physical keyboard it could massively speed things up.

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Smarter Siri

Siri generally gets improved in some way with each new version of iOS, and iOS 11 is no exception. Apple’s AI assistant should soon sound more human and less like a robot, making it more pleasant to interact with.

And those interactions will go further, with Siri better able to contextually understand things and predict what you might want based on for example, where you are and what time it is.

An interface overhaul for more control

Aspects of iOS are going to look completely different with iOS 11, and nowhere is that clearer than the Control Centre. Now, everything will be visible on one screen, rather than requiring extra swipes to reach, so those quick toggles really will be quick.

You’ll also now be able to access the notification center from the lock screen with a swipe, letting you see any older notifications that you’d otherwise have to unlock your device to view. This again makes things quicker and easier than the current method.

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Drag and drop anything anywhere

You can already view two apps in split screen on an iPad, but with iOS 11 this becomes easier than ever, as you simply have to drag an app to the edge of the screen to open it in split screen.

But that’s just the start of the fun. You’ll also now be able to drag images, text links and files from one app to another, bringing your iPad far closer to the power of a computer.

It’s a feature that won’t initially be available on iPhone, but crafty developers have already found the capability hidden away in the beta, so Apple may one day enable it.

Desktop-level multitasking

If you have an iPad then this could be the single biggest new feature for you. Apple is adding a dock with iOS 11, a lot like the one you’ll find on Mac.

You can access it with a single swipe whatever app you’re in and you can customise what it gives shortcuts to, though it’s also smart, providing shortcuts to recently used apps on its right edge, and even taking account of the apps, you use on other Apple devices, like your iPhone 7 or your Mac.

This makes switching apps a lot faster and easier and also helps with multitasking. Speaking of multitasking, you’ll also find the dock in the main multitasking menu, which itself has had an overhaul, and now shows recent apps in a grid, so you can easily jump around.

A better camera

Smaller photo and video files sizes aren’t the only improvement coming to the camera either. Apple is also adding new filters and new features to Live Photos, letting you loop them, or have them bounce backward and forwards.

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Pay your friends

Apple Pay is also getting better with iOS 11, letting you make person-to-person payments directly through iMessage, using Touch ID to verify them.

It should be a slick, speedy and seamless way to pay your friends and family, or whoever else you chat with and happen to owe money to.

Augmented reality

Apple is making a big push into augmented reality by baking ARKit into iOS 11. This is a developer tool which allows them to add virtual objects to your surroundings when viewed through your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera.

Technically they can already do that, as seen in the likes of Pokémon Go, but this should make it easier, and also allows them to factor in the real-world environment, so in the Pokémon Go example the creatures will look more like they’re in the environment, rather than being pasted awkwardly over the top.

There’s a lot of potentials here for other apps and games, including Ikea, which is already set to let you virtually redecorate your home.

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