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9 hidden features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad which will blow your mind

iOS 11
9 hidden features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad which will blow your mind
Apple gave us the first preview of iOS 11 during WWDC last month, but it turns out that there are some features that were not revealed. There are many cool features that iOS 11 carries along with the cool improvements.

With iOS 11, you can now enable Screen Recording so you can capture everything that's happening on your iPhone screen in video form. There's also a brand-new keyboard setting for One-Handed Typing so that it's easier to text your friends while holding a drink. Lastly, iOS 11 also gives us more storage optimization options with recommendations to auto-delete old conversations and large attachments.

Today in this article, we are bringing you the 9 hidden features of iOS 11 which will change the way you use your iPhone and iPad.

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A New One-handed Keyboard

This is perhaps one of the best smaller features of iOS 11. The operating system now features a one-handed keyboard. This is incredibly useful when you have only one hand free to type messages on your iPhone (for example, when you are carrying a coffee, walking down the street, in the other hand. To enable one-handed keyboard simply touch the globe or emoji icon key in the regular keyboard and then choose the left or right option. All the keys will be smoothed over to one side so you can type with one hand.

Instant Wi-Fi Sharing

Another great, small feature, instant Wi-Fi sharing allows your iOS 11-using friend’s devices to send a request to your iOS 11 devices to instantly connect to the Wi-Fi network you are on. If you accept, their device will automatically receive the Wi-Fi password so they can quickly get onto your network.

App Offloading

We’ve all run low on space on our iPhone before, so this new feature is a bit of a godsend. App offloading allows you to manually (or have it done automatically) delete rarely-used apps while keeping their settings intact. Deleting the apps can free up much-needed space while keeping their settings intact mean if you reinstall the app, it’s run just like it used to—as configured.

Type to Talk To Siri

Another welcome improvement is you can now type your queries to Siri instead of needing to speak them to the personal digital assistant. This is great for those of us who feel like a tool speaking to Siri in public places.

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QR Code Scanning

QR codes are much more common in other parts of the world than in the UK, but still, this feature can be pretty useful as they become more ubiquitous. The Camera app in iOS 11 can now read QR codes. The codes themselves can do things like connect you to a Wi-Fi network automatically, give you information about a product, or link you to a web page. Many routers even have QR codes on the back that you can scan to instantly configure your device with the new router. Before iOS 11 you needed a third-party QR app to scan and read QR codes, but now you can simply use iOS 11’s Camera app to do it.

Built-in Screen Recording

This is a great feature for anyone who likes to show people what is going on on their iPhone. Called Screen Recorder, the new features are accessible via the new Control Center and allows you to capture screen recordings right from iOS 11 on the device itself (you previously needed a Mac and QuickTime software). The uses are almost endless: show someone how to do something on their iPhone by recording yourself doing it and sending the video file; captures website navigation, or even just record FaceTime calls.

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FLAC Audio Playback

FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio codec hardcore music geeks love. That’s because it has zero compression, making the audio truly lossless in quality. Previously iOS didn’t support FLAC playback, but in iOS 11 it does.

NFC Access for Developers

The final cool hidden feature is one for developers, not they have access to the NFC chip inside the iPhone and iPad. In iOS devices, the NFC chip is how Apple Pay is powered at contactless terminals. But NFC is also used in more things than just contactless payments, such a door locks in hotels. Now that developers have access to the NFC chip, hotel chains could make your iPhone the key to your hotel room or city transit systems could allow you to use your iPhone as transit tickets.

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