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Five deeply hidden features of iPhone which will change the way you use your device

Five deeply hidden features of iPhone which will change the way you use your device 
iPhone is one of the best device available in the market and its full of features to make an awesome day of yours. Many of us use our iPhone for the personal and professional purpose. But I personally feel that we are still not using our device to the fullest.

Today in this article we are going to talk about five features of iPhone which are deeply hidden and has a capability to change the way we use our device.

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Quickly Eliminate Notifications

In the event that users are getting too many notifications in their drop down menu, being able to quickly eliminate them can be extremely helpful. To do this, all that a user has to do is force touch on the “x” button on the notification and then select “Clear All Notifications”. In doing so, all of the notifications are eliminated at once instead of having to go through and discarding each one individually.

Comment on Each Message

With so many changes to iMessages, one of the most subtle ones that are easy to miss is the ability to leave a simple emoticon on received messages. For example, users are able to tag a heart, thumbs up or down, haha, or question mark emoticon to messages that they receive to show the sender their feelings of it. Similar to that of Facebook’s introduction of a wider range of emojis that can be used on a post, this feature is one that is simple to utilize as all that is required is for the user to force select a message for the options to appear.
Force Touch on Tools

In iOS 10, force touch on various applications will allow for access to quick links within the app for functionalities without having to open it. A hidden feature that leverages this is that force touch for more options can also be used on various tools such as the flashlight and timer. For example, by using force touch on the flashlight, options appear for the different brightness levels while using it for the timer will bring up quick options for 1, 5, and 20-minute timers. This feature can also be used for the camera to take a photo, record in slo-mo, record a video, or take a selfie instead of having to open and navigate through the app. With this feature, many basic tasks are streamlined as they are preloaded onto the force touch option.

Voicemail Transcription

Beyond being able to receive and store voicemail, the new iPhone offers a feature which transcribes voicemails so that users are able to read it as well. For those who need to make notes of the voicemails that they receive or remember a message that was left for them, this function can save users a tremendous amount of time instead of having to manually write the notes. The transcriptions are done automatically and as soon as the voicemail is received so that there is no buffering time from when the message is received to when it is transcribed.

Announce Calls

To have Siri announce who is calling, users can go into the Settings app, search for “announce calls” and select from a list of options in terms of having it announce incoming calls. For example, users can select always, headphones & car, headphones only, or never to indicate in which circumstances would they want Siri to announce their calls. This function, although not known to many, can be highly applicable to those who often receive calls during their commute as having the caller be announced can help drivers keep their eyes on the road for a longer period of time.

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