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Five hidden features of iPad which will blow your mind

Five hidden features of iPad which will blow your mind
iPad is second best device produced by Apple after iPhone. If you have iPad and use it on daily basis, I hope you will agree with me that it makes our day very comfortable. It reduces your dependency on your laptop or desktop.

So, to make it more friendly today we are bringing you the top five hidden features of iPad which will make your day easier.

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Edit photos with Affinity

This is a tip for all of you out there that edit photos for a living, or maybe for pleasure too. Apple just launched Affinity, an app that beats all the lite version of Adobe Photoshop that exist in the App Store.

Use Annotable for screenshots

Annotable is yet another app that will make life on your iPad easier. With it, you can mark up your screenshots with arrows, circles or whatever else you need in order to highlight the important info in them.

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Set up your Widgets

Although not many people use them and appreciate them at their true value, Widgets can be true lifesavers and can help you increase your productivity.

Organize Share Sheets

If you take the extra time of day to organize your Share Sheet on your iPad, you will save more time in the future. And then when iOS 11 comes, that will no longer be an issue.

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Learn keyboard shortcuts

The Apple Smart Keyboard isn’t the best keyboard out there, let’s be honest. But it does have some helpful keyboards that will make your life a whole lot easier. So go online, look for a complete list of them and get to memorizing. You can thank us later.

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