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iOS 11 beta 4 reveals the massive feature of iPhone 8

iPhone 8
iOS 11 beta 4 reveals the massive feature of iPhone 8
Apple has launched the latest version of their mobile OS, iOS 11 last month and till then some of the best version of the software has been released to the public and developers. The latest release of iOS 11 beta 4 is now available to download.

The latest version of iOS has great new features and that also Includes the indication that iPhone 8 won’t lose the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as some reports claim. But it does suggest the home button might be going away.

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However, several reports have also said that Apple is having trouble getting the feature to work and will instead rely on a physical Touch ID button that would sit on its rear panel. Still, others have said Apple might opt for a Touch ID sensor on a power button on its side.

In the latest beta of iOS 11, one of the new features that 9to5Mac discovered that Apple is introducing to the software reads, “Open apps from Lock screen Notifications with new Touch ID UI.” What happens here is that when you tap on a lock screen alert, a fingerprint scanning prompt appears with a stylized fingerprint being featured in the middle of the screen, leading some to believe that this hints at the home button being removed that an embedded fingerprint sensor could be introduced.

It does seem like a stretch, especially when you consider that this UI will most likely be applied to all Touch ID phones that can run iOS 11, but either way, we’ll have to wait and see, so in the meantime maybe don’t hold your breath.

As we all are aware that as per the recent leaks and renders, iPhone 8 is expected to come with all - screen design, the room for placing the physical button on the front of the phone is very less.

As per the BGR report, Apple can take either the easy path or the difficult one. The easiest way to do it would be to place it on the back of the phone. But that’s a design compromise that’s unexpected from Apple.

The most difficult way to do it is to integrate Touch ID into the display. It would also give the iPhone 8 a feature nobody has. It’s unclear if that’s what Apple is doing.

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While that's certainly possible, it's also possible for Apple to call its virtual sensor Touch ID. The company might also remove the Touch ID call out in the iPhone 8 model and only display it in legacy devices that don't have a virtual sensor.

There are many possibilities that can happen with the touch id on iPhone 8, final product would only be known once Apple launches the device in September (as expected).

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