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iOS 11 beta 4 reveals one of the cool features for iPhone and iPad users

iOS 11
iOS 11 beta 4 reveals one of the cool features for iPhone and iPad users
Apple has launched the latest version of their mobile OS, iOS 11 and the new operating system has many new and improved features. A lot of people have been enjoying the new features available in iOS 11 on the beta version of the OS.

A couple of days back Apple has launched the 4th beta version of their new mobile OS. There are many improvements in the latest version of beta. But the new version of OS shows one of the features that has made its way into iOS 11 without any major announcement or fanfare but it should come as welcome news to iPhone owners.

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A new version of the OS will take away one of the biggest headaches of iPhone and iPad users. With iOS 11 the App Store will finally feature “pull to refresh” functionality now in the “Updates” tab. Yes, this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking, life-changing feature. You won’t see any sleek iOS 11 pull to refresh commercials coming to your television anytime soon. Still, it's minor features and tweaks like this that make iOS feel more and more polished every single day.

Of course, Android users have enjoyed pull to refresh functionality for quite some time. Apple has slowly been catching up with many official apps and third-party apps working the feature in. Now that the App Store includes pulling to refresh, users will be able to see and feel a little more consistency between apps. Fragmenting in design and functionality is often what makes a mobile OS feel poorly designed so even small features like this can make a huge difference.

Of course, iOS 11 pull to refresh in the App Store is not even close to the number one best feature in iOS 11. Apple’s newest OS build has given users more great features to play with on their devices including control center customization, improved Apple Maps functionality, a redesigned App Store, improvements to Siri including translation abilities, and much, much more. If you’re thinking of jumping into iOS 11 or have just pulled the trigger, check out our iOS 11 tips and tricks to get you going.

The latest discovery of iOS 11 pull to refresh in the App Store is not exactly headline news but it is fun to find new features that have been quietly introduced. Have you noticed any iOS 11 features that Apple didn’t give a lot of stage time for? Let us know!

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