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iOS 11 has great new feature for iPhone and iPad user

iPhone with iOS 11
iOS 11 has great new feature for iPhone and iPad user
Apple has launched the newest version of iOS, iOS 11 and it is full of new features and improvements and we have some great new feature for iPhone and iPad users.

The new feature that was spotted within iOS 11, intelligently manages your wireless connections depending on how reliable they are. Previously, the company implemented a feature where the device would connect to your 3G or 4G connection if the Wi-Fi network was slow, called Wi-Fi Assist; but users complained that they used up their cellular data packages without being made aware of it, which caused some to receive hefty cellular bills at the end of the month.

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This new feature will disable ‘Auto join’ for any network which suffers from low-speed issues or is deemed to be generally unreliable.

Users will, of course, still be able to join these networks manually, but the change should prevent the frustration that comes from iPhones automatically joining networks users know to be inadequate.

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At this point, there’s no way to know how well the feature will work, and there will undoubtedly be issues when it eventually arrives in iOS 11.

For example, we’re not sure how good the phone will be at spotting dodgy networks, and that could lead to a few problems.

Still, Apple is obviously looking to make Wi-Fi woes easier to handle, with iOS 11 currently in second public beta phase.

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The new OS is set to arrive later this year, likely just before the iPhone 8 launches – though exact release dates are yet to be confirmed.

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