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Latest beta version of iOS 11 has a massive new feature

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Latest beta version of iOS 11 has a massive new feature 
Latest beta version of iOS 11 has been released a couple of days back and it has a great new feature added to it. The new beta version of the OS has a button called “Start Broadcast,” as the name suggests the button will probably start sharing your iPhone screen to others.

The feature was reported by TNW, although the button doesn't seem to actually broadcast currently, (pressing the key just starts a screen-recording feature), it's being speculated that the button allows for instant live streaming of what's on your phone.

We guess that apple is planning to release a screen-recording feature when it publicly rolls out iOS 11. Beta testers have already played around with it, and yes, it's cool and easy to use. Now it seems the company is considering rolling out an ancillary feature that might let people start live stream broadcasts from their home screen.

As per the report which states, “Some have suggested it’s meant for AirPlay, but that doesn’t make much sense. There’s already an AirPlay mirroring button in the Control Center, so adding it onto the screen recording function seems redundant. If it were some new AirPlay feature, Apple would have used the AirPlay logo.” So, we can expect that this might give the option to the user where they can share their device screen with someone they want to.

The report also suggests that the feature might be meant for third party apps who want to get the leverage out of the feature. Explaining this, the report says “In theory, you’d be able to share your screen to a YouTube or Facebook Livestream after pressing the button. It’s also possible Apple has some new live streaming app or functionality on the way, but I feel like Apple would have announced those features at WWDC if that were the case.

Although there are no official words from Apple on the feature, we might see the feature being added in new OS. In last, few years User-based video streams have become mega-popular, with YouTube and Facebook Live becoming major venues for watching feeds. Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch, meanwhile, recently updated its own mobile app to support broadcasting.

Other than this another report from Mac Rumor suggests that iOS 11 will increase the NFC capabilities of your iPhone. The report says, “Like Apple Pay, iPhone users are prompted with a "Ready to Scan" dialog box. After holding the iPhone near an item with an NFC tag, a check mark displays on screen if a product is detected. An app with Core NFC could then provide users with information about that product contained within the tag.”

All through both the reports are not confirmed by Apple we can expect some surprises coming to your iPhone with iOS 11, after the public launch.

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