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Latest leak reveals massive feature about iPhone 8

iPhone 8
Latest leak reveals massive feature about iPhone 8
We all are gearing up to welcome the new iPhone from the Apple, which you can say is a couple of months away from the reality. There are many leaks and rumors surrounding the device has made the expectation of the fans high.

All though fans are quite excited about the new 10th anniversary iPhone even Apple is aware of this milestone in its history and is pulling out all the stops for its next generation smartphone. It’s thought the iPhone 8 will be packed with new features and upgrades which will make it the best smartphone the US technology firm has ever created.

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One of the biggest features that iPhone 8 is expected to get is the giant bezel-less AMOLED display. This big screen should create a bigger viewing experience in a device that’s physically smaller than its predecessors.

Along with this new display, it’s also thought that Apple is upgrading its dual-lens camera system with this snapper able to bring an improved augmented reality experience to users.

Much faster processor and improved battery life are also expected and a new leak may also prove that Apple is including a new way to charge their smartphone. The picture, which has been published on Chinese blog site Weibo, appears to show a small coiled wire which will be placed inside the iPhone 8.

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iPhone 8 wireless charging
iPhone 8 wireless charging
Although it’s not a particularly exciting looking piece of technology it could bring a huge new feature to the iPhone. If real, the image may prove that Apple is including wireless charging in its latest and greatest device.

Other manufacturers, including Samsung, have been using wireless technology in their smartphones for a number of years but this is the first time Apple has invested in charging without a wire.

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Although wireless charging is far more hassle-free than plugging in a connector the technology is still struggling to excite consumers.

This is mainly due to current phones not including a wireless charger in the box, meaning users have to invest more money to use the feature.

It’s currently unclear if Apple will include a wireless charger with the iPhone 8 and if the battery refill will take place without it having to be placed on a connective mat. Some rumors have suggested Apple has created the ability to boost the battery through the air, allowing the iPhone 8 to get an instant refill when it gets close to the charger.

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