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New iOS feature which will change the way you use your iPhone and iPad

iOS 11
New iOS feature which will change the way you use your iPhone and iPad
Apple has launched the latest version of iOS last month in WWDC 2017. The OS is full of new features and improved iOS 10 features and one of the key features of iOS 11 is ARKit. A future technology that gives endless opportunities for the developer.

In simple terms, it is a developer tool that uses sensors and cameras on iOS devices that support iOS 11 to create augmented reality apps. With iOS 11’s public beta, we’ve managed to get a taste of what to expect when the OS is in its final form later this year. Here’s what you need to know about ARKit.
So to understand the technology better let’s understand, What is ARKit?

ARKit allows developers to more easily create augmented reality applications for the iPhone and iPad. AR apps combine real world with digital overlays, akin to Pokemon Go and Google Translate, which can translate text in the camera view in real time. It’s not particularly new in a post-Pokemon Go the world, and Apple’s stab at AR actually shares some similarities with everyone’s favorite Pikachu catching simulator.

Unlike Pokemon Go, which depends on your GPS, clock, and camera, ARKit uses tech called SLAM (short for Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping). SLAM allows ARKit to use cameras on your iPhone or iPad to create a digital outline of objects in an area and to use its sensors to track the device’s location in relation to the aforementioned objects.

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So the nest question comes is, What can ARKit be used for right now?

One example within the iOS 11 beta is how ARKit makes Apple Maps’ Flyover feature a lot more immersive. Tapping on a city such as New York or San Francisco that supports Flyover in Apple Maps gives you a first-person view of the location. Walking around and tilting the iPhone while doing so lets you traverse the streets of New York, no matter where you really are.

For the most part, it works seamlessly, which is saying a lot considering how some features of the iOS 11 beta are far from complete. It does however massively drain the battery and needs a fast and stable Internet connection to get the best experience. The latter in particular is a massive impediment in countries like India for now, though that may change as telcos are falling over each other to make high-speed connectivity affordable thanks to Reliance Jio. The battery problems are hopefully just down to the fact iOS 11 is still in beta.

What's more, existing games like Pokemon Go will use ARKittoo ensuring enhanced effects and dynamic creatures.

ARKit and iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, iPhone 10, Anniversary iPhone (or whatever Apple decides to call it) should see a ton of hardware designed to use ARKit to its fullest. We’d speculate that new sensors, an enhanced touchscreen, and a 360-degree camera could be some additions to the next flagship from Cupertino.

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Throw in an SDK that’s already available and tied into the OS, and it could end up delivering the best AR experience. Don’t throw away your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus though: if our time with Apple Maps’ ARKit-fuelled Flyover experience is anything to go by, these devices should handle them just fine

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