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One of the biggest hidden features of iOS 11 for iPhone

iOS 11
One of the biggest hidden features of iOS 11 for iPhone 
This year’s (2017) WWDC conference of Apple has brought many new surprises to all, making it the biggest of any previous developers conferences of the company. One of the major announcements of the event was iOS 11, the latest version that is expected to bring many improvements to the operating system. Many features of the new OS has been showcased or report on the web, but today we are bringing you the hidden feature of iOS 11.

With the introduction of iOS 11 and a development tool called ARKit, Apple is betting that augmented reality could be the next revolutionary feature for smartphones. At the very least, it's facilitated a secret feature that lets iPhone users pretend they're giant monsters stomping through a tiny city.
The feature was discovered by developer Felix Lapalme who stumbled across it in the iOS 11 beta 2 developer build, but it's been confirmed to work in the public beta as well. In a video he posted to Twitter, Lapalme towers over a 3D representation of Montreal in the Apple Maps app using the Flyover feature. The 'flight' is usually just a pre-determined animation path, but here Lapalme's physical movements around a room are being translated in real-time to what he's seeing on screen.

This functionality could be achieved using just the iPhone's built-in gyro sensor, but Lapalme is convinced it's also relying on iOS 11's augmented reality features because when he covered his device's cameras, the feature stopped working.

It's a fun feature, even if it doesn't establish augmented reality as the must-have future of smartphones. But it does show how deeply ARKit is being integrated into iOS, and once iOS 11 is officially released, we'll undoubtedly be seeing more practical examples of how augmented reality can be a genuinely useful addition to our smartphones.

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Other than this some of the cool features of iOS 11 are:

A one-handed keyboard

As the owner of a Plus-sized iPhone, I'm typically typing with both thumbs, which isn't convenient. The new one-handed typing keyboard in iOS 11 can be found by holding down on the emoji key and selecting it from the menu.

Dark mode (almost) has arrived

iOS has always offered a darker display mode, where it inverts colors. Unfortunately, that effect also warped photos, giving your eyes the sensation of a bad acid trip. A new Smart Invert setting (found in Settings by tapping on General, then Accessibility, then Display Accommodations and then Invert Colors) does this one better, turning light backgrounds dark, but not touching images and icons.

Screen recordings

While the average person may not need to record a phone screen, I'm giddy that iOS 11 features a built-in screen recorder.

Activated from the Control Center, the feature will allow you to create videos of how you interact with your phone. It may let me teach far-away relatives how to use their phones, and it will make possible more video tutorials here on Tom's Guide. Also, as you can see, the control center widgets can be customized, so you're not stuck with stuff you don't need, such as the calculator icon.

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