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One of the great feature of iOS 11 has been showcased in beta version

iOS 11
One of the great feature of iOS 11 has been showcased in beta version
Apple has launched the iOS 11 in this year WWDC, with lots of new features and some great improvement in the existing features.

In iOS 11, the Control Center is getting a major upgrade. And this isn't just a spit-shine where icons are shifting around. Apple has taken the opportunity to make the Control Center not just a spot where you control some things, and access others.

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Now, everything in the Control Center, except for the Aspect Lock and Sleep Mode icons, has 3D Touch capability. Now, when you press hard enough to initiate a "pop" action (check out my 3D Touch Guide for a quick rundown on "peek" and "pop") you get fully actionable widgets without having to unlock your phone.

Now control camera from control center

The new Camera app widget gives you quick access to several popular options (just in case you were wondering why you needed a Camera icon in the Control Center when all you have to do is swipe right from the lock screen to access the Camera app). I love it because I'm constantly scrolling the wrong way in the Camera app, trying to find the quick setting I need.

Now you can copy the calculated number from calculator

The new Calculator with its rounded buttons is a nice visual refresh in the iOS 11 beta, but one of my favorite tricks is the ability to copy the last result right from the Control Center icon. Press and pop the Calculator icon and you can copy the digits from the last calculation you performed in the app.

Other than this below are some of the features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.

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No 32-Bit support

iOS 11 could end support for 32-bit iPhones as it is expected to stop the support for 32-bit applications. Simply put, with iOS 11, Apple might stop software support for iPhone 5 and lower variants.

Improved Maps

Apple is planning to use drones and indoor navigation software to improve its Maps functionality and catch up with Google Maps, Bloomberg Technology reported in December.  The new feature could include views of buildings and improvements to car navigation and is expected to be included in iOS 11.

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Video Sharing App

iOS 11 could introduce a Snapchat-like video sharing app, according to a Bloomberg report from August last year. The feature would be part of Apple’s endeavor to integrate social networking applications within iOS, in response to the success of similar features on social networking apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.


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