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This hidden feature of iOS 11 will change the way you manage your iPhone

iPhone with iOS 11
This hidden feature of iOS 11 will change the way you manage your iPhone
Apple has launched the iOS 11 last month and we are setting 4 beta version away from the great mobile OS, which will redefine many things in iPhone and iPad. But we are still away from the final release date of the OS (expected in September) the beat version has one of the great secret features.

In the update, Apple quietly introduced a new page of carrier options in the main Settings app. Normally, you don’t get much information from your carrier natively within the phone you have to go to your account in your carrier’s app or on their website to get information like how much data you’ve used.

But in the latest version of the iOS 11 beta, if you go to Settings >Cellular, there’s a whole set of options listed about your carrier. Options for Wi-Fi Calling, calls on other devices, Personal Hotspot, and a new Usage section has been added.

Go into Usage, and you get told how many calls, data, and texts you’ve used out of your allowance, and when the billing cycle resets.

Although iOS already had a way to track how much cellular data has been used by one particular device, it’s way more useful to be able to see your carrier’s statistics and how much data you’ve used in any one particular month.

The feature only seems to work for T-Mobile customers right now, although hopefully developers from other major carriers are working with Apple to get the feature integrated.

Other than this some of the cool features of iOS 11 are:

App Offloading

We’ve all run low on space on our iPhone before, so this new feature is a bit of a godsend. App offloading allows you to manually (or have it done automatically) delete rarely-used apps while keeping their settings intact. Deleting the apps can free up much-needed space while keeping their settings intact mean if you reinstall the app, it’s run just like it used to—as configured.

Type To Talk To Siri

Another welcome improvement is you can now type your queries to Siri instead of needing to speak them to the personal digital assistant. This is great for those of us who feel like a tool speaking to Siri in public places.

QR Code Scanning

QR codes are much more common in other parts of the world than in the UK, but still, this feature can be pretty useful as they become more ubiquitous. The Camera app in iOS 11 can now read QR codes. The codes themselves can do things like connect you to a Wi-Fi network automatically, give you information about a product, or link you to a webpage. Many routers even have QR codes on the back that you can scan to instantly configure your device with the new router. Before iOS 11 you needed a third-party QR app to scan and read QR codes, but now you can simply use iOS 11’s Camera app to do it.

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