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10 great features of iPhone 8 revealed in Apple software leak

iPhone 8
10 great features of iPhone 8 revealed in Apple software leak
As we all are aware that Apple is all set to launch its 10th anniversary iPhone this September (as expected). Lots of rumors from the different sources is being circulated throughout the internet. But the recent software leak from the Apple has confirmed many exciting features about iPhone 8.

A week of analyzing a leak from Apple has revealed many details about what the company’s next iPhone will be like: from facial recognition to a smart camera system and a screen that fills the front. 

Two developers, Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, spotted that Apple had made what appears to be an internal software update for employees testing Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker available on the public internet. The update was meant to only be distributed inside Apple and so contained many elements concerning the next version of the iPhone, codenamed D22, which could end up being the iPhone 8, “iPhone X” or “iPhone Pro”. 
Today in this article we are going to talk about 10 big features that are expected to come in with iPhone 8. 

1.     The biggest and most divisive piece of information to come out of the HomePod firmware is the fact that the iPhone 8 will not come with the Touch ID sensor embedded underneath the display. The developers found nothing in the code to suggest an in-screen fingerprint sensor. 

2.     What the developers did find was several references to the term "BKFaceDetect" in which BK most probably stands for Biometric Kit (taking Apple's love for the work 'Kit' into account - ARKit, HomeKit and so on). This seemingly confirms a report by Bloomberg which said that the iPhone 8 will come with 3D face unlocking which will allow users to log-in, launch secure applications and authenticate payments. They also found references to an infrared camera which would most probably be used by the iPhone 8 to detect a person's face in the dark. 

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3.     Giving more credence to the fact that the iPhone will come with face detection is the fact that iOS developer @r_idn has found references to "pearl.field-detect" and "pearl.pre-arm" among other payment verification data in the iOS 11 beta. It is widely known that Pearl is the Face ID source code. Rumors claim that Apple's 3D face recognition technology actually captures more data than a fingerprint scan and is more secure than Touch ID. 

4.     The HomePod firmware contains an image that confirms that the iPhone 8 will have a bezel-less design and an edge-to-edge display. The image also confirms that the smartphone will have a 'notch' at the top just like the one found on Andy Rubin's Essential phone which will house the sensors and the front facing camera. 

5.     When the Essential PH1 smartphone was unveiled, many people found the 'notch' at the top of the device ugly. It seems that Apple has added a feature in the iPhone 8's software in order to alleviate such concerns. The icons for battery, Wi-Fi, mobile data and so on will be displayed on either side of the 'notch' at the top in order to make it look more seamless and integrated. 

6.     The HomePod firmware also reveals that the iPhone 8 will come with a Motorola and Nokia like tap to wake feature which will allow users to unlock the smartphone with a single or double tap of the finger. As the iPhone 8 will not come with a physical home key, it is set to come with a virtual home button which will be called the 'home indicator'. 

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7.     The firmware reveals that Apple will finally increase the resolution of the iPhone display with the iPhone 8. Currently, the iPhone 7 has a 750p display, while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 1080p display. The iPhone 8, on the other hand, is set to come with a higher res 1125x2436 display. 

8.     While the iPhone 8 display will be 5.8-inches in size, only 5.15-inches out of those will be used for content. The rest will be dedicated to a function area that will occupy the bottom of the display at all times. Like the TouchBar found in the new MacBook Pros, the function area will change dynamically based on which apps are being used and will offer shortcuts and other functions. 

9.     The HomePod firmware has also revealed that the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to come with quick charging and wireless charging. The smartphone will use the 'Qi' wireless charging standard which is already used by Samsung and several other Android smartphone manufacturers. 

10.  Apart from the information gleaned by the HomePod firmware, the iPhone 8 is rumored to come with an updated 3D touch module, IP68 waterproofing, updated rear dual cameras with AR and depth of field features, a TrueTone OLED display, rear facing laser technology for AR apps and more. It will be powered by a more power efficient and powerful A11 processor and run Apple's newest iOS 11 operating system.

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