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5 biggest hidden features of iPhone which will just blow your mind

5 biggest hidden features of iPhone which will just blow your mind
iPhone is the biggest asset Apple has given to this technology friendly world. With the help of the device life of many people became easy. This can be made easier with the help of tips and tricks.

If you see, Apple has cleverly designed its smartphone so that simple “gestures” offer access to all manner of time-saving shortcuts.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the five such hidden tips which will boost your iPhone experience.

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Shake to undo

This is an oldie which you might not have noticed.

If you’ve made a mistake in your typing, some apps will let you shake the phone to undo the mistake.

It works in most Apple apps, including text messages and emails.

Archive emails

When in the Mail app, you can choose to delete an email or archive it for later.

Simply tap and hold the trash icon and the pop up menu will appear, allowing you to archive it if you wish.

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This allows you to clear up your inbox without permanently removing older emails.

Swipe right to go back

If you’re using the web surfing app Safari (or a number of other apps), you can swipe to the right to see the page you visited.

This should save you a few valuable milliseconds and stop you having to stab away at the back arrow to perform a simple manoeuvre.

See what time a message was sent

Has someone sent you a very suggestive message?
Find out whether they really meant it or if they were drunk by working out the time the message was sent.

Swipe to the left in your text message app and you’ll see a bit more info about the messages.

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Hide the keyboard in iMessage

If you are the type that likes to read your conversations back, iMessage allows you to get rid of the keyboard so you have more screen space.

Swipe down on the message immediately above the keyboard and it will drop down to the bottom of the screen.

When you want to type again, simply tap back into the text entry field and it will reappear.

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