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5 hidden features of iPhone which most of us are not aware about

5 hidden features of iPhone which most of us are not aware about
We all know that iPhone is already pretty impressive but under the hood is a feast of hidden features you may never knew existed that will amaze you. From time-saving tips to life-saving tricks, tucked away in iOS are the tools to make you an iPhone power user.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the five hidden features of iPhone which most of us are not aware about.

Create a complex passcode

Apple beefed up its security from the four-digit passcode when the biometric fingerprint scanner was introduced on the iPhone 5S back in late 2013. While the option for a passcode has always remained (in case of Touch ID failure for example) it can be made far more secure than four digits with options for longer custom numeric codes as well as a unique alphanumeric code that mixes letters and numbers to thwart unauthorised access.

To do this go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Change Passcode then tap Passcode Options and choose from the dialog box.

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Hide your private Photos

This trick is great for anyone who has been caught out showing friends their holiday photos only to swipe too far onto a snap that ought to be kept somewhere private. To prevent this faux pas happening again you can stash away photos to be hidden from Moments, Years, and Collections — with the only place they actually appear being your albums.

To do this open your Photos app>[select photos or video you want to hide]> tap Share>Hide

Put the medical information on lock screen

Did you know you could put all your vital medical information on your iPhone lock screen, so in an emergency responders can access information that could help save your life? Well you can. Add things like medical conditions, allergies and blood type that can be viewed quickly. Here’s how:

Open Health and tap Medical ID > Edit. Add your medical information and turn on Show When Locked

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Shake to undo

Here’s one that’s been around for years but you never really see anybody using it. Instead of tapping the backspace to delete what you’ve typed out in an email or text you can simply shake the iPhone and you’ll get the option to ‘undo’ the whole lot. If you want to restore it, shake the handset again and select ‘redo’.

Trying to fix a typo by carefully tapping the cursor within a word can be a fiddly and often unsuccessful affair. Here’s a neat trick: long hold the keyboard (on the iPhone 6S onwards) and it turns into a trackpad that can swiftly move the cursor anywhere you want.

Find the strongest single around you

Trying to find more phone signal can be like a Crystal Maze challenge. Instead of relying on those five little dots to indicate signal strength there’s a great cheat that will tell you exactly where in your surrounding the strongest signal is found – making things far more accurate than waving your arm around in the air.

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To do this: Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then press Call. You’ll now be in Field Test mode and a signal strength numerical indicator will appear where the dots once were. The closer this number is to zero, the stronger your signal.

To revert back to the dots simply press the home button. If you want to keep the numerical indicator hold the power button instead until the ‘slide to power off’ message appears, then hold down the home button for five seconds. You’ll now be able to flip between the two methods by tapping on them.

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