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5 simple and hidden hacks of iPhone which will just blow your mind

5 simple and hidden hacks of iPhone which will just blow your mind 
iPhone or for that matter any smartphone is something which technology has given to make our day to day life more easy and smooth. Our existing Smartphones are already got a pocket powerhouse and haven't even discovered the potential of your smartphone and accessories.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about the five hidden and simple hacks that you can do with your smartphone to make your life more fun.

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Low Mobile Signal

You might have faced an issue while traveling, you don’t get the Mobile signal easily and its quite frustrating, isn’t it?  When you can't get a signal airplane mode comes flying to the rescue. Just toggle the switch and wait a couple of seconds. You should get a signal now.

Lost & Found Hack

Now days loosing mobile device is the common problem and all most everyone is facing and same goes with your smartphone. To increase the chances of getting the device back you can change your lock screen wallpaper to an emergency contact number and email. This way if you lose your phone while frolicking on the beach, someone can reach you to return it.

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Selfie Hack

Your earbuds are great for music and calls, but they're also a shutter release for your camera. Just press the volume up button and snap away.

DIY Speaker Hack

This hack can be handy on your picnic trip or when you are listing to something in group and you don’t have Bluetooth speaker. No problem! You can amplify your music by putting your phone in a coffee cup. This also works great as an alarm.

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Emergency Charging Hack

Have you been in a situation where you have travelled to some place or friend and found that you have missed your charger back at your home. No worries, as long as you have the phone’s cord and a TV you're in luck. Just plug the charging cable into the TV's USB port and you've got an instant charger.

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