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5 unknown features of iOS 11 which will change your iPhone experience

iOS 11 on iPhone
5 unknown features of iOS 11 which will change your iPhone experience 
If you own an iOS device you will agree that getting the new iOS version on your device is equivalent to having a new device in your hand. From small design changes to interface overhauls to major new functionality, installing a new OS is almost like getting a new device.

Recently Apple has launched the latest version of the iOS, iOS 11 and the update is full of new features and improvements. With the 4th beta version of the OS is out for download you probably know that hundreds of improvement are coming to your iOS devices. But there are some great features that are still not showcased much.

Today in this article we are going to talk about 5 unknown features of iOS 11 which possibly change your iPhone experience.
Save Storage Space with App Offloading

No one likes to run out of storage space (especially on iOS devices, since you can't upgrade their memory). One way to free up space is to delete apps, but doing that means you lose all the settings and data related to that app. Not in iOS 11.

The new version of OS includes a feature called Offload App. This lets you delete the app itself while saving data and settings from the app on your device. With it, you can save the things you wouldn't be able to get back and then delete the app to free up space. Decide you want to app back later? Just redownload it from the App Store and all of your data and settings are there waiting for you.

There's even a setting to automatically offload apps that you haven't used recently to intelligently increase your available storage.

Screen Recording Right on Your Device

It used to be, the only way to make a recording of what was happening on your iOS devices' screen was either to hook it up to a Mac and do the recording there or jailbreak it. That changes in iOS 11.

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The OS adds a built-in feature for recording your device's screen. This is great if you want to record and share a game session, but also super helpful if you develop apps, websites, or other digital content and want to share in-progress versions of your work.

You can add a shortcut for the feature in the new Control Center and videos are saved in the new, smaller HEVC format to your Photos app.

Simple Home Wi-Fi Sharing

We've all had the experience of going to a friend's house (or having a friend come over) and wanting to get on their Wi-Fi network, only to have them take your device so they can enter a 20-character password (I'm definitely guilty of this). In iOS 11, that ends.

If another device running iOS 11 tries to connect to your network, you'll get a notification on your iOS 11 device that this is happening. Tap the Send Password button and your Wi-Fi password will be automatically filled in on your friend's device.

Forget to type in long passwords. Now, getting visitors on your network is as simple as tapping a button.

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Save Passwords for Apps

The iCloud Keychain feature built into Safari saves your website passwords across all devices signed into your iCloud account so you don't have to remember them. Super helpful, but it only works on the web. If you need to sign into an app on a new device, you still need to remember your login.

Not with iOS 11. In iOS 11, iCloud Keychain now supports apps, too (developers will have to add support for it to their apps). Now, sign into an app once and save the password. Then that login will be available to you on every other device signed into your iCloud. It's a small feature, but one that removes one of that little annoyance from life that we'll all be so glad to see go.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality a feature that lets you place digital objects into real-world scenes and interact with them has huge potential to change the world and it arrives in iOS 11.

AR, as it's also known, isn't built into any of the apps that come with iOS 11. Instead, the technology is part of the OS, meaning that developers can use it to create their apps. So, expect to start seeing a lot of apps in the App Store that tout their ability to overlay digital objects and live data in the real world. Good examples could include games like Pokemon Go or an app that lets you hold up your phone's camera to a restaurant's wine list to see real-time ratings for each wine from the app's users.

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