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6 hidden features of iOS 11 coming to your iPhone

6 hidden features of iOS 11 coming to your iPhone 
Apple has launched iOS 11 in WWDC 2017 and it is full of new features. Apple has showcased many of the features and many where remain hidden.

Apple also spoke about how iOS 11 will have a lot more focus on machine learning and announced a special ARKit to help app developers create augmented reality apps. But the keynote didn’t give all the details on the iOS 11 features, and here’s a quick look at the some of the details that are now starting to come out.

In this article, we are going to talk about 6 hidden features of iOS 11 which are coming to your iPhone.

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Apple iOS 11 WiFi Sharing

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is introducing the ability to share WiFi networks with friends, who also have an iPhone, iPad running iOS 11. The report says users will be able to login their friend or friends with one tap onto the same WiFi network in iOS 11. So how will it work?

As the report explains, when a friend is trying to connect to a WiFi network and the password page shows up, nearby iOS 11 devices will offer to help the new device. The iOS device which is already on the network gets a message informing the user that a new iOS device is trying to join the WiFi.

The message asks the user whether they would like to share the password. As the post explains, once the user hits okay, the password is sent over-the-air to the other iPhone, and the field is automatically filled on that new device.

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Support for FLAC lossless audio

This one is out thanks to dedicated Reddit threads, which are discussing all the hidden features of Apple iOS 11. According to one thread, Apple is adding support for FLAC lossless audio in iOS 11, and the user was able to play FLAC files directly via the Files app on their iPhone 6s Plus.

The files can be synced via the iCloud drive on the iOS device. However, as a post on The Verge explains, FLAC files don’t work in Apple Music app. That’s because Apple Music still supports Apple’s own ALAC format for music. For audiophiles, the fact that iOS devices might soon support FLAC files with lossless audio quality will come as good news.

Editing screenshots

Apple iOS 11 will let users edit screenshots before they save it. A user will be able to add some markers to screenshots before saving them. This could work well, especially in cases where you wish to highlight something particular in a screenshot.

Improved Gmail notifications via Mail app

According to a report on 9to5, Apple iOS 11 adds a new ‘Automatically’ tab for the fetch schedule in the push notifications in the Mail app. For those who had synced their Gmail accounts, this means they will now see a lot more notifications appear from the native Mail app itself, rather than always relying on the Gmail or Inbox app.

However, as the report notes, this is still for ‘Fetch’ function, which means the notifications will only appear when the iPhone is on power and connected to a Wi-Fi network. On cellular data connectivity, the Mail app won’t always show ‘Fetch’ notifications.

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No more third-party app logins via social media

Apple iOS 11 won’t have a native login for Facebook, Twitter anymore. Users will no longer be able to use these social networks to log into any other app.

Native support for GIFs

According to a report on The Next Web, Apple is adding GIF support directly into the official Photos app. This was first shared on Reddit. Now GIFs can be viewed natively in Photos as well.

Apple iOS 11’s public beta will soon be out for users, by the end of the month. The final build will only be launched in fall after the iPhone 8 has been introduced. Apple iOS 11 beta is currently available for developers.

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