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6 iOS 11 features which will change the way existing iPhone users use their device

iOS 11
6 iOS 11 features which will change the way existing iPhone users use their device
Apple took the covers off iOS 11in WWDC 2017, revealing an updated iPhone and iPad operating system packed full of changes and new features.

Six different beta version for the developer has been released so far of the iOS 11 and it has included many new features for iPhone and iPad. There are many new features which will change the way device owners are going to use their iPhone and iPad in the day to day life.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 iOS 11 features which will change the way iPhone and iPad users, uses their device.

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Share your Wi-Fi Password without remembering it

Handing out the often-forgettable Wi-Fi password to visitors can be a pain. To fix this, iOS 11 gives iPhone and iPad owners a quick way of sharing their Wi-Fi password with others without remembering, finding it, or even telling them what it actually is.

If someone with an iOS 11 device attempts to connect to your Wi-Fi, and your iOS 11 device is unlocked, you will be alerted and given the option to share the password with their device.

Hidden feature for color blind

Although iOS 10 already has a way to invert colors to help people with certain types of color blindness, iOS 11 adds a new Smart Invert feature, which flips white to black and blue to orange but intelligently works to keep the rest of the operating system unchanged. This works best with iOS’s own apps but means images display normally while the blinding whiteness of your email inbox is switched to eyesight-saving black.

To switch it on, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Invert Colours and switch Smart Invert on.

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New way to use Control Center

Sticking with Control Center, if you Force-Touch some icons they expand to show more information or reveal extra controls. This puts the option of switching Personal Hotspot on or off in easy reach. This is also how you find a shortcut to Night Shift – just Force-Touch on the screen brightness icon.

Now get help from Siri by typing

Sometimes speaking out loud to Siri can be a little awkward. To solve this, and make Siri accessible for those with speech impediments, iOS 11’s Accessibility settings includes the option to type to Siri. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Siri and switch on Type to Siri.

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Explore File in a new way on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s new Files app is included in iOS 11 and, for the very first time, gives the iPhone and iPad a file management system similar to that used by computers. Files give you immediate access to files stores everywhere across Apple’s ecosystem, from locally on your iPhone, to the iPad or Mac you left at home via iCloud Drive.

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Better way to take screenshots

When you take a screenshot (by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time), the image sits in the bottom-left corner for a moment. Tap on it and you can crop and annotate it with a range of different virtual markers, pens, and pencils, then save it to your camera roll.

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