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Apple is going to give a Nasty Surprise to its fan with iPhone 8

iPhone 8
Apple is going to give a Nasty Surprise to its fan with iPhone 8
APPLE fans could be in for a "nasty surprise" when the iPhone 8 is unveiled. That's according to a serial leaker who claims to have access to all the gossip in the supply chain to reveal exactly what's lies in store.

As per the recent report of Gordon Kelly, a Forbes tech whizz, reckons you'll be using the iPhone 8 VERY differently to earlier versions. Kelly claims that Tim Cook has forfeited the Touch ID for a facial recognition unlock system similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This would be a huge update for Apple fans. Touch ID has been used to secure the phone since 2015 and is an important feature for Apple payments.

Now in the latest reports on the internet. accessory maker Nodus believes Apple will abandon Touch ID fingerprint technology when it releases "iPhone 8," information the case maker gathered from supply chain sources as it worked on designs for the forthcoming handset.

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According to Forbes new report, Nodus is now confident enough in its sources to finalize case designs for Apple's next-generation smartphone. The case manufacturer provided the publication with a few renders showing "iPhone 8" saddled in their wares.

The overall design appears largely congruent with recent parts leaks and supposed insider information, featuring a nearly bezel-free full-face display with telltale sensor "notch."

Nodus' renders seemingly corroborate findings uncovered in Apple's inadvertent HomePod firmware leak. Specifically, "iPhone 8" software will include graphical assets like a split status bar to present the sensor "notch" as an integrated piece of the onscreen UI.

Apple was rumored to integrate Touch ID, or a similar fingerprint recognition system, beneath the handset's OLED display, though the task has proven more difficult than expected. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for example, initially anticipated Apple to buffer potential shortcomings in "FaceDetect" by requiring users to also authenticate with proven Touch ID hardware, but more recently said the company nixed plans for an embedded fingerprint reader.

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Earlier also we had different leaks about the subject, suggesting that Apple is all set to ditch the finger print sensors and replace it with facial recognition technology. This might be not a good news for many Apple fans, but we feel that Apple must be doing this with proper analysis. 

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