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Apple revealed the awesome camera feature for iPhone 8, it might come to your iPhone as well

iPhone 8
Apple revealed the awesome camera feature for iPhone 8, it might come to your iPhone as well
Apple's new iPhone will feature a smartcamera that can tell what it's looking at, according to leaked code.

Details found in files that were accidentally uploaded to the internet by Apple suggest that it is working on a feature that will be able to tell what is in a scene and adjust the settings to take the best possible image.

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The code includes references to "scenes", which include Fireworks, Foliage, Pet, BrightStage, Sport, Sky, Snow, and Sunset/Sunrise. It's presumed that the "smartcam" will be able to detect those things using artificial intelligence, and the alter things like the exposure and shutter speed accordingly.

Computational photography is the next stage in camera development – where advanced algorithms take the input of one or more physical camera lens and use it to create an image that looks better than what could be achieved with a raw, unprocessed image.

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For instance, Google’s highly rated HDR+ for the Pixel takes between two and 10 under-exposed shots and combines them into one photo for brilliant results. Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus combines photos from the two cameras with different focal lengths on the back to create a lossless zoom as well as using depth information to artificially create out-of-focus background or bokeh effects for portrait shots.

For the next version of the iPhone, and possibly for iOS 11 as a whole as it is rolled out to older devices, Rambo found mentions of a SmartCam system, which will likely tune camera settings based on the scene it detects. Previous versions of iOS have included apparently more basic versions of the same thing for automatic exposure.

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Some of the scenes mentioned include “baby”, “bright stage”, “document”, “fireworks”, “foliage”, “pet”, “sky”, “snow”, “sport”, “sun rise and sunset” and “point light source”.

Apple's iPhones can already spot objects and people in pictures, allowing people to search through them in the Photos app. If a person wants to find all their pictures of dogs, for instance, they can type dog in the search bar found in the corner and then see each of those images.

But the new feature suggests similar features will be making their way into the camera app, and allow the ability to spot objects as pictures of them are taken. That could need the extra processing power and depth sensing features that will come with the iPhone 8, and so might be limited to those phones.

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