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Apple shows how iOS 11 will change your iPad experience

iOS 11 on iPad
Apple shows how iOS 11 will change your iPad experience
For iPhone, there are some very cool new features that we love, but it’s arguably for iPad that the software makes the most difference. We’d use the old cliche that updating an iPad to iOS 11 is like having a new device, but it’s more like having a new category of device. iPad is taking on the laptop and is getting ever closer to being that all-in-one portable product that everyone will want.

Apple has started showing the new features in a series of new “how-to” videos that highlight the major additions that would feature in the upcoming iPad.

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Some of the videos are a bit simplistic (like how the “Files” app works), but others are genuinely useful, especially for things like explaining the complicated new multitasking system and the array of gestures that are built into the software, The Verge reported on Friday.

The company has also shown some of the marquee features, including the drag-and-drop functionality to name a few of the iPad-centric iOS 11 highlights.

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Apple had shared a series of videos earlier this month that featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Siri - Apple’s voice assistant along with the iPhone 7.

This appeared to be an extended commercial, similar to what Apple did with Taylor Swift and Apple Music in 2016.

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iOS 11 is already available to download and install on a variety of compatible iPads, and you can grab either iOS 11 beta 6 (developers) or iOS 11 public beta 5 right now. The iPhone 8’s launch is just around the corner, which is when the final iOS 11 beta is going to be released. That’s why the most recent betas are a lot more stable than the first version launched two months ago and can be used on your primary iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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