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Five nearly confirmed features of iPhone from different sources

iPhone 8
Five nearly confirmed features of iPhone from different sources
As we are approaching September of this year the eager ness about the much-awaited Apple event is increasing. As we all are aware that this year’s iPhone is going to be the 10th edition of iPhone and everyone is expecting it to be big.

As we are approaching the biggest launch of the year, the hype of launch has also increased and all most every day we are getting some new information about the device. Thanks to the leaks and reports about the device.

Today, in this article we are going to talk about the five nearly confirmed features of iPhone 8 through the different source.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) will play a big role in the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. Apple made some big announcements related to AR for the upcoming iOS 11 at the recent WWDC conference. The company announced its own AR development platform (ARKit), which means that developers can create AR apps well in time for iPhone 8. It is likely that by the time the smartphone launches in September, Apple developers will be ready with several AR-based apps.

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Wireless charging

Yes, iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging. This has reportedly been revealed by Robert Hwang, CEO of Taiwan-based iPhone assembler Wistron. "Assembly process for the previous generations of (iPhones) have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit," Hwang reportedly told reporters during a shareholders' meeting. Wistron is said to have recently started assembling iPhone SE units at its plant in Karnataka, India.

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Water resistant, glass back panel

Besides confirming the wireless charging feature, Wistron CEO also revealed that the upcoming smartphones will have the water-resistant design. Since the smartphone will come with wireless charging, analysts believe that it is likely to sport a glass or a plastic back panel for hinder-free connection.

Bezel Less Screen

Forget about the earlier design of the iPhone with big, thick borders at the top and bottom of the screen for the home button, earpiece, front-facing camera and a variety of sensors. As per the reports and confirmation on many occasion, Apple will reduce the size of the bezels around the screen to allow for a bigger screen. In other words, Apple will be able to fit an iPhone 7 Plus-sized screen on an iPhone 7-sized body. Furthermore, it is believed that Apple will deviate from the use of its traditional LCD screens and install the latest OLED technology on its new smartphone.

Say good bye to “Home Button”

In addition to a revolutionary new Touch ID scanner that is invisible to the user, a fresh new report from Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple’s new iPhone 8 will include a facial recognition feature. Here’s a note from his report:

Judging by the bio-recognition patents that Apple has applied for, we believe it is leaning toward facial recognition technology rather than iris recognition.  As such, before Apple can fully replace the fingerprint system with facial recognition, a combination of the two steps of bio-recognition could be a valid solution for enhancing transactions security.

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While it’s unlikely that Touch ID will go anywhere anytime soon, the addition of facial recognition would add yet another layer of security to the iPhone.

Recently, Troughton-Smith claims to have found references to a "home indicator" instead. That's a virtual home button that could appear on the screen when needed and disappear just as easily. If you've used the assistive touch accessibility feature, that may not sound terribly novel.

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