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Hidden tips for iPhone which will blow your mind

Hidden tips for iPhone which will blow your mind 
All those who are using iPhone will agree that maximum of us in not able to use the device to the fullest. What we are using on our device is way less than what it is cable of. There are many reasons behind that and one of the biggest reasons is not knowing about the features. 

There are many features of the device which are hidden deep in the setting of the device and can only be dig out by exploring or learning from the different source. 

Today in this article, we will talk about the features which are hidden deep in the setting and is very hard to find.  

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Reboot without Power Button

What about a quick reboot without using the power button. This trick is quite simple and pretty fast. To perform this, start by Swiping down the notification window → Touch and keep pressing anywhere on the left hand side of the screen (do not lift up or move your finger from the screen) → with other hand, tap on the microphone button (below battery icon) → now swipe your first hand from left hand side to right hand side. That’s it, your phone will reboot.

Must ReadOne of the Biggest features of iPhone 8 has been removed

Shave minutes off your charging time

Having a dead phone can be a drag. Especially now that we rely on our phone for practically everything from texting, emailing, to social media.

Switching your phone into Airplane Mode can speed up the charging process. Airplane Mode shuts off all the behind-the-scenes data usage that drains your battery.

Head to Settings and tap the Airplane Mode switch on. While the increase in speed is minor, it could make all the difference in a pressed situation.

Free up Storage

Well, if you have a 16GB iPhone you may have suffered from low storage issues. But, here is a weird trick to free up a large amount of storage that your iPhone had been using for no use. To get that storage back is your birthright because at the end of the day it's your iPhone. For using this trick follow the steps given below:

First open settings → General → Storage & iCloud Usage.

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Clearing RAM

If you ever feel that your iPhone is sluggish or not performing as it was before, try clearing RAM. Clearing RAM helps free unusable memory used by the phone. To clear RAM Perform these 3 simple steps: 
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button.
  • When “slide to power off” appears, leave Sleep/Wake button.
  • Now hold the Home button till you return to the home screen.
Find friends, anywhere

Apple’s Find Friends app works to give you precise directions to the location of your other Apple product-wielding friends. Users choose to share their locations for a few hours or indefinitely. Ask Siri “Where’s (friend’s name)?” and the app’s map shows where they are in relation to you, as well as an approximate address for play-by-play directions.

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Only friends who have accepted your request to see their location can see where you are, or allow you to see where they are. Apple’s servers only keep last-known-location data for two hours, according to Apple's website.

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