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6 drastic changes those are coming to your iPhone with iOS 11

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6 drastic changes those are coming to your iPhone with iOS 11
iOS 11 has been released at WWDC 2017 and the new OS is full of new and improved features.

If you own an iPad, iOS 11 is especially important. Many of the biggest changes introduced with this version of the iOS are designed to make the iPad an even-more-powerful productivity tool, maybe one that can even replace a laptop.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about 6 drastic changes those are coming to your iPhone with iOS 11.

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Instantly share WiFi passwords

Soon, you'll no longer need to save your WiFi password on a wrinkled piece of paper in a drawer somewhere. In iOS 11, if you need a WiFi password for a given network, just find someone who is already using the network and hold your device near theirs. The password will be transferred instantly.

The volume box is moving out of your way

Whenever you change the volume on your iPhone or iPad, a translucent box pops up in the middle of the screen. It's a bit annoying. Thankfully, Apple is redesigning the volume box in iOS 11.

New feature that could actually save your life

Distracted driving is a real, deadly problem. Thankfully, Apple has added a clever feature that lets the iPhone since it’s in a car to trigger “Do Not Disturb” mode, which can hide notifications for texts, calls, and other app messages while you’re driving. The feature can even notify people that you’re driving and will contact them soon.

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Notifications are getting simplified

In iOS 11, all your notifications — both recent and missed — are in one place; no separate tabs. Just pull down from the top of the screen to see everything at once.

iPhone keyboard is getting smarter

One of the signature features of Google Now is finally coming to the iOS ecosystem: When you type in iOS 11, the keyboard will suggest words you may have recently viewed on your phone from your Messages app, for example or Safari. So when your friend texts you the name of a restaurant, it may be one of the first suggestions when you start searching for that restaurant on the web. Also, the keyboard can now be used with one hand just hold the emoji key and select one-handed typing to move all the keys closer to your thumb.

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Messages app is getting cleaned up

It felt like mayhem when Apple added the app drawer to its Messages app. Suddenly, you could add stickers and GIFs and all sorts of buttons and visuals to your messages, but all the new options weren’t totally easy to find and were somewhat overwhelming. Apple redesigned the app drawer in Messages for iOS 11, making it much easier to browser all the various stickers and emojis at your disposal.

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