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Apple has some bad news for iPhone 8 fans

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Apple has some bad news for iPhone 8 fans 
Apple is all set to launch the next generation iPhone in next month and the device is expected to feature many revolutionary changes which were missing from the Apple smartphone compared to the Android competitors.

One of the biggest features that are expected to come in iPhone 8 is much awaited wireless charging. News about the feature has excited me as well, but there’s a chance that it would be slow compared to the existing standards.
Japanese site Macotakara claims the iPhone 8 will use inductive charging at 7.5W, which is half the speed of the latest Qi 1.2 standards. While wireless charging is coming to the iPhone 8, it is likely to be slower than the charging setup used by several Android smartphones. Nevertheless, it will be still faster than the existing 5W charger.

It’s also being reported that the iPhone 8 will use Qi wireless charging standard, the device won’t work with third-party chargers. This is primarily because Apple has its MFi (Made for iPhone) certification program in place. In other words, users will have no option but to either get genuine Apple or certified chargers.

This also means that the iPhone 8 wireless charging will be considerably slower, and is likely to take much longer to reach full charge. If true, it might be wise and faster to just stick to the standard charger for a speedy charge. It is currently unknown if Apple has tied up with third-party accessory manufacturers for other variants of their chargers. If the iPhone is charged using any other charger, the device will simply not accept the charge as it will most likely come inbuilt with a Mfi license detector.

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Tipster Vengya Gaskin has also shared an image of the iPhone 8 PCB which is ‘L’ shaped via Twitter. It is unknown if the smaller iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will also sport the same ‘L’ shaped PCB. The smaller PCB also comes with a support for larger battery something that has been a constant demand from iPhone users.

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The premium version of the iPhone, which will likely to be unveiled on September 12, may cost upwards of $1000 (or approx Rs 65,000). Also known as the tenth anniversary iPhone, the said smartphone will be dramatically redesigned. Apple may also increase the size of the display by reducing the bezels, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple iPhone 8 will reportedly be offered in different storage capacities of 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Other than this iPhone 8 is expected to feature bezel-less AMOLED display and Face Recognition system. Many reports in past suggested the iPhone 8 will not feature the fingerprint sensor and this system will be replaced by Face Recognition system on the device.
iPhone 8 will feature dual camera and device will miss the headphone jack just like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So, what you people think? Slow wireless charging is enough for the iPhone users or it is like giving a lollipop to crying baby. So share your views in the comment section below.

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