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iPhone 8 is all set to ditch of the biggest feature of iPhone

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iPhone 8 is all set to ditch of the biggest feature of iPhone
Apple is all set the launch their new flagship device iPhone 8 in the beginning of next month. As per the reports on Wall Street Journal, the device is expected to be launched with other two devices named iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus on 12th of September.

As we all are aware that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of iPhone launch and the iPhone 8, which is expected to be the special 10th-anniversary device with regular iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. iPhone 8 most high end of three new iPhones, including the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will reportedly allow users to interact with the phone through swipe gestures from the bottom of the screen. As per the Bloomberg.

This aligns with earlier reports that suggested Apple was either removing the home button entirely or moving part of it, including the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, to the back of the phone. A note from KGI Securities in July, for example, said Apple was still trying to embed the fingerprint reader underneath the display, though Apple may have bailed on those plans due to manufacturing issues.

Bloomberg said gestures will allow users to multitask with multiple apps and return to the home screen, the latter of which is one of the current primary functions of the home button. 

Display of iPhone 8

Speaking of the iPhone 8’s display, 2017 will mark the first year Apple will shift from an LCD panel to an OLED panel in the iPhone.

Like Samsung’s class-leading Galaxy phones, Apple’s iPhone 8 will feature an OLED panel. Also like Samsung’s recent Galaxy phones, the iPhone 8 display is expected to be a flexible panel that curves on either side at the edges. As we noted above, however, we expect the curve to be much more subtle just a slight downward bend for styling.

Wireless charging in iPhone 8 

Last but not least, Apple is finally expected to adopt wireless charging in the iPhone 8.

Rumors have been swirling for more than a year that Apple may be working with Energous to add long-range wireless charging to the iPhone. The technology would allow an iPhone to be charged wirelessly by a special base station from across a room, at distances of up to 15 feet. While the two companies may or may not be working together and, according to a new in-depth analysis, they are not working together at all it seems unlikely that Energous’ technology would be ready in time for a September iPhone launch.

Instead, it’s increasingly likely that the iPhone will feature standard inductive wireless charging similar to what Apple uses on the Apple Watch. This technology uses magnets to transmit energy, and it requires the target device to make contact with a charging mat in order to charge.

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