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iPhone was invented in the 17th century? Proof inside

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iPhone was invented in the 17th century?  Proof inside 
We are talking about the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 to be released this year by Apple, but how many of you will believe me, if I say that iPhone was first developed 400 years ago? Surprising, isn’t it? But I am not fooling you people or writing any false article. A 400-year-old painting has become a cynosure for internet users as it shows a mysterious gadget with a resemblance to that of iPhone in the hands of a native American.

The painting depicts Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield and it’s a scene from the 17th century showing American settlers surrounded by natives.

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iPhone in 17th Century
iPhone in 17th Century?
The mysterious gadget appears in the painting Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield. It depicted a scene from the 17th century showing American settlers surrounded by natives. But sitting in the foreground is one man sitting gazing at what appears to be an iPhone. He is gripping the mystery object just as if it was a modern gadget.

This picture was first discovered by a website named Motherboard while explaining the picture they pointed. “It's not clear exactly who this man is, but he might as well be popping off a selfie or thumbing through his news feed. He seems to gaze into the handheld device in such a way that renders all-too-familiar today as if he's just read a bad tweet or recoiling from a Trump-related push notification from the Times. He would almost look unremarkable if only he and the world around him existed at any point in the past decade.”

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So, the next big question that will come to your mind is, is that really a iPhone? If you see the discovery of telephone, we can pin the entrance of the portable cellular telephone into the historical record to a precise date April 3, 1973, nearly four decades before Steve Jobs, in 2007, revealed the so-called "one device," now arguably the best-selling product in history.

So, in other words, the answer to the million-dollar question is for sure the person is not carrying the iPhone.

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So, if the device or object person is holding is not a iPhone and what it is? Answering the question website says, “It's a question that keeps me coming back to Romano's "Settling." The man is found in the first of four mural panels that comprise the artist's retelling of New England history, which falls under the care of the United States Postal Museum and currently hangs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office Building (formerly the Central Post Office) in Springfield.

Adding a layer of intrigue to it all is the fact that Romano's mural is focused on one William Pynchon—that's him at center, wearing pink—who wrote The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption, the first book ever to be banned (and subsequently burned) on American soil, and who just happens to be the earliest colonial ancestor of elusive living novelist Thomas Pynchon.”

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What you people think? The centuries best smart device was invented way back in the 17th century or it is something else, like the case of time, traveling. Do push your views in the comment section below.

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