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New features added in public beta 7 of iOS 11 for iPhone

iOS 11 for iPhone
New features added in public beta 7 of iOS 11 for iPhone
Apple announced the iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017. The mobile OS is best till date and has lots of improvements and new features added. While this iteration of iOS will be released along with the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 in September, the iOS 11 beta 7 has been rolled out to the developers now.

As most of us know that the iOS 11 will bring about many new features and updates to the iPhones and iPads over its predecessor the iOS 10. Almost all the apps and features seem to have received a revamp with the iOS 11. The most Interesting part of iOS 11 is for the gamers, as it will open up possibilities for augmented reality in gaming.

As the new beta version iOS 11 has been released let's talk about the new features that Apple has introduced with Beta 7 of iOS 11.

Control Center

With iOS 11, you can customize the Control Center that has received a major redesign. The Control Center has brought back the consolidated look with new bubble-style icons. There are two sections at the top for connectivity and Apple Music controls. There are other controls for volume, brightness, Do Not Disturb mode, rotation lock, flash light, AirPlay Mirroring, Camera, Calculator, etc. It is also possible to use the 3D Touch in the Control Center to unlock more commands.

Lock Screen

Apple has merged the Lock Screen and Notification Center into one in the iOS 11. When you do a downward swipe to access the notifications, the Lock Screen will come down with the missed notifications displayed on it. The notifications those you have already seen will be displayed on a second swipe in the middle of the screen. An upward swipe from the middle of the screen will take you to the Home Screen.


The new Dock on iPad can be seen on any screen. With a single swipe, you can open any app from the Dock instantly. It is possible to customize the Dock with the apps that you use frequently. The Dock is smart enough to change as you work with app suggestions based on the ones those you have opened recently and the ones you were using on any other Apple device. The app suggestions will be displayed at the right of the Dock.

App Switcher

The App Switcher on iOS 11 makes it easier to multitask on your iOS device. With the Dock, you can open a second app and use both the apps at the same time. You can use the second app by dragging the same in Slide Over at the left and use both in Split View.


The iOS 11 version does not include Apple Cloud as it is a part of the Files app. The app is similar to the Finder app on Mac. Files will contain the content stored on iPhone or Pad, iCloud and other cloud services such as One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It is well organized and offers quick access to the content stored on any iOS device. You can search and view the recently accessed files as well.

QuickType Keyboard

The QuickType Keyboard on iOS 11 will help you just touch and hold the emoji key and choose one-handed typing so that the keys will instantly move closer to wherever your thumb is on the screen. This way, it will be easier to type on your iPhone in one hand.

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