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One of the massive features of iPhone 8 revealed in latest leak

iPhone 8
One of the massive features of iPhone 8 revealed in latest leak 
We have heard a lot about the upcoming iPhone, which is also the tenth edition of iPhone and Apple is not letting any stone unturned to make it big. In other to do that one of the biggest features that are expected to come in the device is the Wireless charging.

Latest leak about the device is pointing towards the adaptation of technology in the upcoming iPhone. The recent leak shows the image of Apple’s charging pad.

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iPhone 8 wireless charging
iPhone 8 wireless charging
New images that allegedly show off some of Apple's charging pad's internal components popped up online, giving us a peek what could possibly be coming later this year when the company is expected to unveil three new glass-backed phones — the premium iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S, and 7S Plus — that offer inductive charging using the Qi standard. That means that the phones will only charge when they're actually touching the surface of a specialized charging pad.

The photos appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo, where they were spotted by Apple Insider. The publication's report pointed out a major flaw in the original poster's assertion that these are internal components since the look to be too large to fit inside an iPhone: We might be looking instead at the charging pad itself. 

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Of course, like any other Apple rumor, the images, which were earlier discovered by 9to5Mac, need to be taken with a grain of salt. Apple hasn't confirmed that it's working on wireless charging and although the images show components for the technology, there's no way to confirm outright that their final destination is an iPhone.

iPhone 8 wireless charging
iPhone 8 wireless charging 

Rumors have been flying fast and furious around the iPhone 8 for the last several months. The handset, which is expected to be unveiled next month, will reportedly come with a revamped design that removes the Touch ID button and allows for a screen to nearly entirely cover its face.

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As we all know that Apple is working on the device with bezel less design and expect to come up with huge design change this year. Rumors also suggest that this year Apple will use OLED Display in their devices.

Wireless charging is also a first. And according to reports, the feature would use the industry-standard Qi technology, allowing for the use of a range of third-party accessories. Apple isn't expected to deliver its own proprietary battery technology.

However, some reports have said that the iPhone 8 will not ship with wireless charging out of the box and will instead require you to buy a charging pad to get it up and running. Other reports have said Apple might offer the feature in iOS 11.1 and not the 11.0 that will ship with the iPhone 8 on launch day.

Look for more details on the iPhone 8 and its wireless charging next month, when Apple is expected to unveil the handset. The iPhone 8 will likely ship sometime this fall, with conflicting reports that suggest it might arrive either in September or October.

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