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Reasons why Micromax Canvas Infinity will be a huge success

Micromax Canvas Infinity
Reasons why Micromax Canvas Infinity will be a huge success
As per the report and confirmation from company, Indian Mobile manufacturing brand Micromax is all set to change the Smartphone industry with the launch of their flagship phone with infinity display. Wait, this is not the rumor or leak about the device, the brand has confirmed that they are going to launch the Smartphone and will be named as Micromax Canvas Infinity and it will be launched in India by the end of August this year.

The company said that the smartphone will come loaded with a 5.7-inch display and it will feature an aspect ratio of 18:9. However, the company didn’t reveal much about the device, but it is expected to be the first affordable smartphone that will provide such kind of aspect ratio.

Recently we came across the leaked image of the device and the Micromax Canvas Infinity will come with some minimum side bezels and there will be less upper and lower bezels as well. However, when compared with Samsung Galaxy S8, the smartphone looks a bit tall in nature. On the right side, one can see volume controls and power on/off button, while at the base, there is a micro USB port along with a microphone.

Micromax is all set to launch the game changing devices in the Indian market in couple of weeks and this can change the mobile industry in India. In this article, we are going to talk about the 2 things that will make infinity phone form Micromax a huge success.

Less competition or NO competition

You might have a question that why we are saying that Micromax has no competition? As there are smartphone companies like LG and Samsung has devices with infinity display and as per the reports models are going to increase. To get the answer of this,  we have to understand the competition of Micromax, main competition of the Micromax is Chinese vendors like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc. and they have no such device in the India market.

All though Xiaomi launched Mi Max in the Chinese market, it is still absent from India. Other vendors are yet to get in the business. This gives early entry advantage to Micromax and this could lead the launch to a great success.

Price and design of the Device

Knowing the company, we can expect the price of device to be competitive, to attract the existing customer and the customer whose device are due for refresh. Price will also be able to attack those customers who are willing to buy the infinity display device but are unable to pay the amount which available devices ask for.

Being a unique device, from the from factor point of view it can also attract more customers from the competitive brands to experience the change. As we all are aware,  currently Smartphone market is struggling with the innovation in design and this could end that draught.

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