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Some cool hidden features of iOS which will help you enjoy your device more

iOS 10
Some cool hidden features of iOS which will help you enjoy your device more
Apple has released the iOS 11 and many of us are enjoying the new OS on our devices. If you are also one of them who has switched to iOS 11 then this article might not be relevant for you and you may close the tab or switch to a different article.

But if you are still using iOS 10 on your device and waiting for iOS 11 public update to upgrade then this post has some great information for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the some of the cool features of iOS 10 which will help you get the maximum out of your device.

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Apple Mail

Fast Unsubscribe: emails with unsubscribe links will now automatically have them displayed at the top of each message with an easy to hit the button.

Unread Only: when viewing your mailbox, look for the filter icon (bottom left corner) and change the default setting to ‘Filtered by Unread’

Quick Actions: Swipe left on a message in the new threaded view and it will reveal quick actions such as a flag, reply, and trash.

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Don’t Stop the Music: Apple has stopped the camera mode automatically killing any music recording from the device the moment it is opened. Great if your phone is also the source of music for a party. Music still stops if you want to record a video or Live Photo.


Bedtime Reminders: open the Clock app and you’ll find a new tab: ‘Bedtime’. This can be used to define the typical times you go to bed, wake up and the length of sleep you prefer. You then get reminders and along with tracking of your sleeping habits which can be viewed in the Health app.

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‘Close All’ Shortcuts

Safari - Close All Tabs: Quickly ditch your browser tabs on iPads with a long press on the Tab View button, which brings up the close all tabs options. iPhones require an extra step: open Tab View then long press on ‘Done’, to generate the option.

Notifications - Close All: Sick of the tiny ‘x’ on each notification? In iOS 10 you can remove them all at once with a 3D Touch iPhone. Just use a harder press on the X at the top of the list and you will get a ‘Clear All’ option. A really useful feature hidden behind the glamour or 'Rich Notifications'.

Control Center

Quick Timer Options: bring up the Control Center and owners of 3D Touch enabled iPhones can use a harder press to bring up 1, 5, 20 and one hour instant timer options.

Calculator Memory: 3D touch the calculator icon in the Control Center and you can copy in the answer to your last calculation, saving precious time.

Camera shortcuts: just like the Camera icon on the homescreen, 3D Touch options have been extended to bring up specific shooting modes for the camera icon in the Control Center.

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