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These are some of the secret features of iOS 11 which Apple has not revealed on launch

iOS 11
These are some of the secret features of iOS 11 which Apple has not revealed on launch
Apple has launched the iOS 11 couple of months back and as we all are aware it has got some great cool features. But many of us know only about the features which were shared by Apple in the launch event.

But as you must be aware that Apple skips many of the cool features about the new product while launching it because of time constraint. But as we are running the Beta version of OS we have found some secret features in the OS.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the cool secret features about iOS 11 which were not revealed by Apple at the launch event.

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Wi-Fi Sharing

Another new iOS 11 feature that was unannounced is instant Wi-FI sharing. This allows you to share your Wi-Fi network password automatically with a single tap without spelling it out. This can be another potential privacy risk but we can't deny its convenience and usefulness.

This is how it works. When an iOS 11 device is in the range of your Wi-Fi network and tries to connect, iOS 11 gadgets already connected to the network will display a pop-up card saying that a new device is trying to join it. All you have to do then is to tap the card and "accept" the device to send the password automatically over-the-air. Finally, no need for memorizations and clunky post-its when your friends and relatives come over!

Automatic app offloading

iOS 11 will also introduce a feature that can free up storage space automatically. It's called Offload App and it will delete unused apps from your device but retain their settings and data. This will ensure that your iOS gadget will be running smoothly as much as possible all the time. All offloaded apps can be downloaded again at any time without document, settings and data loss.

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Screen Recording

One of the actions that you can add to Control Center is Screen Recording. This is the only way to enable this feature. When you tap on the Screen Recording feature, you’ll start recording your screen. Tap on the blue bar at the top to stop the recording. The video file will be saved in the Photos app.

Turn to the dark side

If iOS 11 is too white for you, it’s easy to make it darker: go into (deep breath…) Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and switch on Smart Invert.

Unlike a normal invert, which reverses the colors of everything on the screen, Smart Invert doesn’t mess with images and other media: it’s effectively a Dark Mode for iOS.

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Make Live Photos look right

Are you as annoyed as we are by Live Photos’ uncanny ability to make the very worst frame the photo preview? Get iOS 11, head for the Live Photo you want to fix and tap on the Edit button.

You should now see a slider that you can use to walk through the Live Photo frame by frame. When you find the one you want, tap Make Key Photo to replace the crappy preview with that frame.

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Tap and drag to open apps

The new Dock makes it easy to multitask: for example, if you tap and drag the Messages icon to the side of the screen it’ll open in a narrow window so that you can send or read messages without exiting the app you’re already using.

You can put apps side by side as before, and you can replace an open app by dragging the new app’s icon over it.

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