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These hidden features of iPhone will simple make you say WOW!

These hidden features of iPhone will simple make you say WOW!
Each of Apple’s iPhone series handsets have always come with highly advanced and powerful technology, with a beautiful body to boot. Whichever iPhone model it is that you have, you know it can work fast, answer all your queries and even click awesome pictures and videos.

As we always tell there are tons of hidden features and tricks available on iPhone which need to be explored. These features are designed by Apple to make your life easier and with each new iPhone launch the list just keeps getting bigger.

While some of the iPhone features are hidden in plain sight, some really require you to dig deep into the iOS software to spot them. They’re all quite rewarding at the end of the day though; so, it’s all worth it.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the five such hidden features which can change the way you use your device.

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Lock autofocus and exposure

To access this cool iPhone feature, you need to first decide upon the point where you want the iPhone camera to focus. You must then long-press on that point, and the focus as well as the exposure will get locked instantly.

To undo this iPhone feature, or to set another point for focus and exposure, you can tap anywhere on the screen again. As you can see in the picture accompanying this tip, an icon saying AE/AF Lock will be on the screen for as long as you have decided to keep the lock on.

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Shake to undo

Here’s one of the best iPhone tips for texts, emails, WhatsApp and so on. Did you know, there’s a much simpler way of getting rid of the words you just typed than pressing backspace? All you need to do is shake your phone a little to bring up a box that will ask you whether you wish to undo your typing. If you change your mind after erasing it, don’t worry!

Just shake your iPhone once again to redo your typing. This iPhone feature has a downside though as it can work involuntarily when the device gets shaken accidentally. So if you’re not keen on using it, we’d suggest you switch it off by going into Settings > General > Accessibility and turning off the Shake to Undo option.

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the most handy and best iPhone feature is the keyboards shortcut function which allows you to set a small phrase which you can type in order to avoid typing a large one all the time. For instance, if you find yourself often texting ‘Feed the dog’ to your other half, you can set up your keyboard shortcut for that phrase as ‘ftd.’

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You can access this iPhone feature via Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. While one of them will ask you to insert the exact phrase you wish to save, the other one requires you to put in the shortcut for it. Once you hit save, you can access this shortcut inside any app that uses the default keyboard.

Use Word as a password

The fingerprint scanner feature comes in all latest iPhone models but most people avoid using the fingerprint scanners on their iPhones in favor of numbered passcodes. But if you wish to avoid them both and go for a word as your passcode, you can do so as well. You will need to enter Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn on the Simple Passcode option.

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It is particularly useful for those who own old iPhone models that did not come with any fingerprint scanners on them, it’s good that Apple has included the fingerprint scanner feature in all the latest iPhone models. But for old iPhone handset users, the passcode is the only native security feature that can be taken advantage of.

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