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This iOS 11 feature will give your iPhone an extra power

iOS 11
This iOS 11 feature will give your iPhone an extra power
Security is one of the biggest need for the smartphone. In our day to day life, we are dependent on our smartphone like anything, from our banking or credit card transactions to official documents is accommodated in our Smartphone. Many OEM’s of the smartphone is doing lots of activity to make you hand device safer and fingerprint sensors and Irish scanner (recently introduced by Samsung) are part of that initiative.

If you are iPhone users that we have some great news for you on the security feature of iPhone. Apple has recently introduced iOS 11 and is expected to come to your iPhone and iPad by next month. As we all are aware that beta version of the OS is available and many developments are happing in that order only new features have been introduced for users.

iOS 11 SOS

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To make iPhone more secure Apple has introduced a new feature with iOS 11. This new feature in iOS 11 will let users disable their iPhone in the event of an emergency. Further, once the emergency mode activated the Emergency SOS mode automatically calls the user's next of kin and temporarily stops Touch ID from working.

The system requires the iPhone owner to enter their passcode in order to revert back to normal, which could prevent thieves from taking advantage of an injured or unconscious person.

So, if you'd like Emergency SOS activated on your iPhone, you don't actually have to do anything because it's already enabled. However, it won't automatically call emergency services after pressing the sleep/wake (aka power) button five times in a row. If you want to change that, head to your Settings, then tap "Emergency SOS."
To be very frank, this feature is not that new, if you are using Apple watch with watchOS 3 you must have co-related that this the similar feature which allows you to activate the emergency mode on your device.

To all who are not using Apple watch with watchOS3, Apple introduced this emergency feature in watchOS 3 for Apple Watch in 2016. To access emergency services, an Apple Watch user would use their side button to trigger the call — but there was a catch. The user's iPhone had to be nearby, or the Watch had to be connected to a trusted Wi-Fi network with Wi-Fi Calling enabled. Plus, you know, not everyone has an Apple Watch.

Although if you see, enabling Emergency system on iPhone make sense. Apple actually teased this emergency feature in some of the iOS 10 betas. However, Apple eventually dropped support for it except for in India, which has been testing the service ever since. With iOS 11, Emergency SOS is back, and available to everyone in the US.

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If you see, Apple is more concern about their iPhone users safety. Earlier Apple introduced, safety update is the new "Do not disturb while driving mode", which can detect when an owner is behind the wheel. It turns the iPhone screen black and stops calls and text messages. Users can set it to automatically reply with a note saying they are driving.

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