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This is the detailed view of LG V30

LG V30
This is the detailed view of LG V30
LG will formally unveil its new V30 on August 31, but we may already know everything about the new flagship phone before that. Videos of the device provided a glimpse of it in action last week, and now, we have an official render - leaked by Evan Blass (better known as @evleaks) - to give us another clear look at the high-end handset.

Apart from the design, the LG V30 is confirmed to sport an OLED display with an 18:9 ratio. The leaked image indicates round edges of the smartphone and no physical home button. LG has decided to go for as less bezel as possible with the V30. 

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It even looks to have ditched the headphone jack from the smartphone. The render image also shows a volume rocker on the left of the smartphone. No other physical button is visible on the phone.

In a photo posted by Evan Blass today, the LG V30 shows off what look to be even thinner top and bottom bezels surrounding what’s already known to be a 6-inch OLED screen. Knowing its 2:1 aspect ratio and the dimensions of the existing G6, the shape of this new device suggests we’re going to get the most compact, refined, and dare I say elegant V-series device from LG yet. 

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Honestly, the glinting metal sides and the minimalist front and rear have me a little bit excited. LG’s prior V10 and V20 phones were behemoths that justified their existence with outstanding camera and audio performance, but now it seems like LG has managed to tame their size (while hopefully keeping its edge in terms of performance).

While the LG V30 has already been up for discussion for quite a while now, the LG V30 Plus is expected to come with more features and advantages. As reported by ET News (Korea), the devices will have some differences, like the LG V30 will come with 64GB of internal storage as opposed to LG V30 Plus' 128GB internal storage. 

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Either of the devices might also be missing the Hi-Fi audio or wireless charging. It's possible that both devices might have one these features or just one device might be getting both the features. If rumours are to be believed, the LG V30 might be around 700 USD while the LG V30 Plus might be around 850 USD.

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