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This is why iPhone 8 will be super Smartphone

iPhone 8
This is why iPhone 8 will be super Smartphone 
The big boss of Smartphone market is going to be unveiled in a couple of months by Apple. Yes, you thought it correct, we are talking about iPhone 8. The new device is going to get the revolutionary design and some of the cool features like wireless charging and iris scanner.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the features that will make iPhone a world class smartphone.

Iris Scanning/Facial Scanning on iPhone 8

The 2017 iPhone could have iris or facial scanning technology. An iris scanner will allow you to unlock your iPhone or make payment with your eyes.

For those unfamiliar, the iris is the circular colored muscle of the eye that consists of a complex and random pattern which is unique to each individual.

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Taiwan-based supplier Xintec which is an affiliate of Apple manufacturer TSMC is reportedly manufacturing iris-recognition chips that will come with iPhone 8.

Facial scanning is also said to arrive on the next-gen iPhone. With the addition of these two biometric authentications, you will be able to authenticate with more convenience. More importantly, prying eyes won't be able to peep into your private data.

Front-Facing Camera Embedded into the Display

The front-facing camera is said to be embedded into the display of iPhone 8. Apple is reportedly testing a dual-lens camera system for selfie camera. It is said to feature three modules with 3D sensing capabilities powered by PrimeSense technology. It will have an infrared transmitting module, an infrared receiving module, and a traditional camera.

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Using infrared additions, the camera can easily find the location and depth of objects placed in front of it. This technology may also be used for facial and iris recognition or for future AR capabilities.

Bezel-less display

The edge-to-edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display will significantly transform viewing experience on iPhone. It's a bit thinner and more energy efficient than LCD display that currently exists on iPhones.

OLED display provides much better image quality, better contrast, higher brightness, much faster refresh rates, fuller viewing angle and wider color range.

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The bezel-free display is all geared up to set the tone for the all new design. The best thing about is that it would provide an awesome media viewing on Smartphone. Based on these rumors of iPhone 8 Features, we can predict that Apple is focusing more on quality to provide better user experience.

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